Saturday Night Belly Dance Workshop

One of the items on my 35 Before 35 List is to take up a form of martial arts or dance (20), with +30 bonus pts should I engage in both for a min. of 6 mths each.  This gonna be a difficult 50 pts to claim, as both are group activities (personal lessons cost too much to consider) and I actually am kinda… shy?  Is that the right word?  I detest making a fool of myself, or failing in front of other people.  Martial arts might not be that “terrible” – I think I actually do have the stamina to keep up, but dance?  Ugh.  I have 2 left feet, poor coordination of my limbs, zilch sense of rhythm, terrible flexibility and a horrendous sense of balance (as yoga/pilates have revealed to me).

Hence I’ve chosen to work on that 1st.  I have nothing specific in mind, though I know it definitely wouldn’t be any form of dance which requires me to put on heels – I don’t wear them, I don’t own any + I don’t really wanna buy a pair… and neither is it gonna be something that requires heaps of emotion like ballet or contemporary.

When I came across this Belly Dance Workshop event on one of the (many) Meetup groups that I’m in, and saw that I had no other commitment that weekend plus the location was within walking distance from where I live, I RSVP-ed, made advance payment and went for it!  tbh though, I had second thoughts about it as my feet have been hurting since the run on Friday evening.  As there was no refund for payment made if I did a no-show, I decided to suck it up.

Belly Dance Workshop 01

Held at Mosiac Dance @ Wisma Alsagoff, the studio was basic, clean and comfortable.

The night started off with a brief introduction by the organizer about the workshop, followed with a belly dance performance by the instructor of the night, some mingling time for the participants then the actual lesson.

Belly Dance Workshop 02

During the 2hr-ish lesson, we were taught choreography.  It wasn’t hard to pick up.  I got what I was supposed to do pretty quickly.  It’s the actual execution that I have difficulty with.  The hip lift, the hip drop, the shimmy… WTF man, I was stiff as a… uhh… corpse.  And the parts that require the dancers to do a ‘feminine pose’?  Good heavens!  I nearly died looking at myself in the mirror.  Needless to say, I felt like a total idiot when it was my group’s turn to “perform” in front of everyone else.  Bleh.

Belly Dance Workshop 03

After, the 2 mandatory “group performances” (class was split into halves), the night ended with the instructor performing the routine with one of the regular dancers, and 2 other participants (who have other dance style experience) of the workshop.

My verdict?  Though I kinda had fun, I don’t think I wanna repeat this experience again.  Just not my cuppa tea.

Furthermore, at the risk of sounding like a douche, I gotta say I was not too impressed by the instructor’s performance.  It was just okay.  I thought it could have used a little more energy.  Also, I was kinda disappointed to see that neither the instructor nor the frequent belly dance dancers had toned abs.  Hey ~ I have no doubt that it takes a strong core to execute some of the moves, but I was expecting more than flabby tummies.  Once again, I do have an obsession with sculpted abs, so perhaps the problem is just me >.<”

Perhaps I’ll try pole dancing or aerial hoop next time.

Hip hop and K-pop are too mainstream 😉

3 responses to “Saturday Night Belly Dance Workshop

  1. Kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone!That pretty much rocks, no matter what else. (I can totally recommend a poledance workshop, not the floozy kind of supposedly sexy moves, but the real deal of aerial dance. oh man! that takes serious core strength and upper arm muscles! )

    • yeah I’ve watched vids of pole dancing on youtube and I am pretty impressed by how much strength the women have. I think that will fit my goal of strengthening my upper more so than the ‘social’ dances or the in-fashion type.

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