It’s been 9 days since I ran

It’s been 9 days since I ran… or rather, tried to run.  Okaaaayyyy judging from the (lack of) speed, I actually JOG, but for the sake of continuity in posting, I’ll just use the term “run”.  It sounds better.  Anyway, I haven’t been on total rest cos am concerned that if I am to do that, I’ll revert to my coach potato days.  Did a stretching class @ the gym last Wed, 10km on the stationary bike + some weights last Thurs and a little hike on Sunday… but I did resist the temptation to get on the treadmill.

My right foot has gotten considerably better.  While it still hurts when I press on the tender spot or flex my foot, it no longer bothers me when I walk.  I’m contemplating doing an evening run after work, along my usual route, should the weather be fine.  I hate the dreadmill with a passion.  Am only using it the past few weeks as I was on the sub-30min 5k training plan and it is heaps easier to do a constant speed while being on the dreadmill vs. outdoors.  Am not continuing with my plan as yet – not sure if my foot can take it.  Should it take place, this evening’s run will be a casual one, going as fast as I’m comfortable with, and yep, will try to do it w/o walking.

Ooo… I’m feeling quite motivated today!  Why?  Well… remember that Yellow Ribbon Prison Run held last month?  I only remembered to check the official race timings earlier this morning.  It isn’t anything to brag about, considering it’s a 6km “fun run”, but I’m feeling pretty pleased that I’m 13th in my age group with 379 other finishers behind me *\(^_^)/*

Here are the stats ~

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2013 Results

Not too bad for a n00b eh?

Seriously though, I did promise myself that I’ll be skipping the “fun runs” in 2014 and go for the “competitive” ones instead… and am already eyeing my 1st ever 10k!  The 2XU Compression Run 2014 – held on 2 March 2014.  Starting from Jan 2014 that gives me 2 mths of training time… should be sufficient assuming I don’t ridiculously pick up another injury again.  Knock on (a lot of) wood, but the past 2 training plans I’ve attempted, the C25K and the recent sub-30min 5K, resulted in foot pain and an abrupt termination of the plans (for the record, I fully intend to restart the later another time).  I will be looking for a training plan as well for 10k, so perhaps 3rd time is the charm!

Wish me luck 😉


5 responses to “It’s been 9 days since I ran

  1. 13th? That’s amazing, I would be so happy with that 🙂

  2. yeah ~ was totally grinning from ear to ear when I saw that 😛

  3. Love this! You’re an inspiration 🙂

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