Oops… too soon!

The weather was a tad too warm & humid for my liking last evening, but since I’ve been looking forward to it the entire day, I went ahead for my evening run anyway!  Not too sure if I made the right move (x_X)

While it felt great mentally to finally be running outdoors, spending time away from the PC and air conditioning, physically, I might have made things worse.  It’s amazing how my body parts tend to fail one after another.  From the first step, I felt a pain in my right knee that was never there before.  Figured that it was just stiffness, and that it would work itself out eventually, I sucked it up and continued plodding.  Well… it did get better after 500m or so and faded to become a slight nagging sensation, but I felt as if I was running “weirdly” the entire time, like something was off on my gait or something.

Then at about the 2km mark, I had to take a break.  Developed some TOM-esque cramps in my tummy which forced me to visit the nearest washroom to prevent an ‘accident’ ~ lol, thankfully I was really near the food center when that happened.  Got back onto the road after and my right knee pain was back OTL  shrugged it off once again, and pretty much jogged all the way back w/o further incident.

Tuesday Evening Run 08.10.2013

Half Shell Challenge: Michelangelo 4.37/21.10

The real discomfort and pain began after I stopped.  #!%&#!&~ seriously.  Both my knees hurt, my right foot bruisy-feeling is back with every step, and my left heel… well, my left heel is being my left heel, as usual (read: pf pain).  Took me forever to walk home with that pace, and in an awkward manner.  Iced (or should I say peas-ed) them before I took a shower, and today morning, I’m back to where I was before I took the 9d break.  FML

My next official run is on 26 September 2013.  Race the Dead.  Then the Shape Run the day right after.  Both 5Ks.  There’s still another 2 weeks+ to go, and am wondering if I should shelve running till then… with the hopes that my right foot heals and that my knee issues disappear.  idk if I can hold off for that long, and I am worried that my fitness level will take a dip if I do so.  /sigh.  Why me?!

Ah well… at least I was along a beautiful route =)




3 responses to “Oops… too soon!

  1. Why not take a couple of days off and see how it goes? That should give you time to give your foot & knees plenty of RICE.

    • Mhmm… are you referring to just no running for a couple of days or totally off a any form of activity including stuff like yoga / stretching? I’ll thinking of going for a stretch class later this evening, and maybe yoga tomorrow, but will likely be just playing video games the entire weekend. Reckon that will be enough? I don’t intend to run at all till the week of my races 😦

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