Steamboat Buffet @ Polaris Gourmet

Checked out a “new” (meaning: I haven’t been there before, not that the place is recently opened) steamboat buffet place @ Tanjong Pagar with EK & ML on Monday evening.  This groupon was a no-brainer – S$18.00/pax with free flow ice cream included… definitely a must-get for me.  Only caveat is that like most other online coupon deals, it requires a min. of 2 to dine.

Booking was made for 6:30pm.  I arrived at about 6:20pm and was pretty surprised to see the place empty.  Yep, aside from the staff, there was no one else there though it was clear that there was another table reserved.  As EK & ML will only be arriving at about 7pm, I decided to go ahead with placing my order.  It was an ala-carte buffet.  Order sheets with a list of the items available and a pencil were given to me.  All I had to do was indicate the serving no. at the boxes and hand it to the server.  The food will then be brought right up to my table.  Perfect, since things can get quite chaotic (read: messy & unhygienic) with self-served buffets.

The options were simple, standard steamboat fare.  Sliced meat (i.e. beef, pork, chicken), seafood (i.e. prawns, cuttlefish, fish), a variety of vegetables and uhmm… balls.  I was really glad that they have pig’s skin as one of the items.  While I think it should be steamboat staple, apparently some establishments don’t offer it… and as it’s one of my favorites at a steamboat, I never visit a place without it twice.

Steamboat-Buffet_B-CMenu obtained from the restaurant’s website

While the prawns aren’t really very fresh, and the meat came frozen (which I didn’t mind that much), everything else was perfect!

The service was awesome.  The ladies were polite, patient and our ordered food came relatively fast.  Though tbh, there were only 3 tables that night, and the other 2 stayed for only about an hour.  We stayed all the way till almost closing time ~ kudos to the staff for not looking impatient or pissed with us chatting away.  Am sure, being the eve of a public holiday, they were itching to just close up and leave.  Ohh… and before anyone thinks we are assholes, we did leave like ½hr before the official closing time of 22:00.

The ice cream options were good.  I’m picky when it comes to ice cream flavors.  Usually at buffets, I’ll end up eating only like 1 outta like 5-10 types available but this time, it was 3 outta 8 – lime sherbet, mango & durian!  Yum!  Ended up devouring like 5 scoops in total… teehee… would definitely have eaten more if I didn’t feel so bad about making the staff scoop it for me.  Hey ~ I did offer to do it myself, but they declined.  Great move btw, since at regular buffets, customers scoop their own ice creams and tend to get all the flavors “tainted” with others (my strategy to counter that is have my ice cream @ the start of the buffet instead of later… lol).

My verdict?  For S$18.00, it was definitely a good deal.  Regular prices are S$22++ and even then it’s good enough.  btw, the restaurant serves cooked food too, and there is an ala-carte steamboat option.  Would I return again?  Definitely – if I can find peeps to go eat with me, that is!  (yeah yeah… I’m quite the Forever Alone type)

IMG_5268Oops… color is a little weird due to the steam rising from the pot 

Polaris Gourmet (北极星小筑

8 Shenton Way, #B1-24, AXA Tower

Tel: 6220-6818 | Fax: 6220-6828


Lunch 11:00 – 15:00, Dinner 18:00 – 22:00 | Closed Sunday & PH

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