Training Vertical (for the 1st Time)

19:26:03 for 72 (3×24) floors of a HDB apartment block, inclusive of the time taken for the 2 lift rides down – that was what I managed yesterday evening.  The aftermath was pretty much me red-faced, feeling light-headed with a slight urge to throw up (thank goodness I did this before dinner), and gasping for air soooooOOOoo hard.  Jeez ~ just what the heck possessed me to sign up for the Swissotel Vertical Marathon again?

Oh right.  The sunrise >_<

Anyway I needed my endorphin fix badly last evening – all that inactivity from resting my feet (which still hurt) being magnified when I read blog posts about the runs others have completed.  Plus with the Vertical Marathon date drawing closer & siphoning off the positive energy from whatsapp group of peeps of  Meetup group taking part in the same event, I thought to just take a chance… do some stairs climbing instead.  Figured that since I’m going UP, I shouldn’t be subjecting my feet to the usual pounding they take when I go for a regular run.  Correct me if I’m wrong there btw.  Besides, I live in an apartment on a 24-story block.  The staircase is just out there.  Why the **** not?

My plan is to start from the ground floor, climb till the 24th, take the lift down, rinse & repeat till I make 3 climbs.  That gives me a total of 72 floors, close to the vertical marathon ‘distance’ of 73.

Got home from work, changed into a tank top & shorts, ate some mango sorbet and off I went!~!

I started off with energy – taking the stairs 2 at a time, till I reached about the 6th floor, then it became more of a slow jog up 1 after another (pathetic, I know).  I managed the 1st set relatively well.  Felt my thighs and calves tightening a little so I stretched a bit while waiting to take the lift down.

The 2nd set was slight more labored.  I jogged a bit, walked most of it and by the time I got up till the 24th, I was tempted to just take the lift down to my floor and call it quits.  I didn’t.

Set 3 was a torture.  All I could do was plod up the stairs slowly.  VERY slowly.  I was breathing heavily, gasping for breath and inwardly cursing myself.  Thankfully it was only my iphone timer that stopped when I reached the lift landing of the 24th for the 3rd time, and not my heart.

Based on 2012 results, the average timing for my age group (30-39) is 00:18:30.  My timing last night isn’t satisfactory enough… but ah well, it’s just the 1st training session, am sure I’ll improve in time.  So yeah, considering my feet feel the same today (no better, but no worse), guess I’ll shelve the distance running for the meantime and focus my energies more on going vertical.  Looking to “train” like 3x/week, eventually building up to 4 sets of 24 floors.  I’ve got abt 4 weeks to push it (that’s taking off 1 week for Tokyo).

Target will be 00:15:00 for the Swissotel Vertical \(^o^)/ 

Ohh… and what is running w/o taking a “commemorative” screenshot?

IMG_5273While waiting @ the lift landing on the 24th floor, after my 1st set


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