Run For Your Lives Asia (Singapore). Another Zombie Apocalypse to Survive.

After suffering in a 1.5hr queue (on a hot day, in the open w/o air con) just to collect my race pack for Race The Dead, I publicly swore on fb that I will never register for another “gimmick run” ever again and just stick to “serious races”.  Then on last Friday, I saw an email advert for… Run For Your Lives Asia (“RFYL”).


That’s right.  It’s the original zombie infested 5K obstacle course from the USA.  In 2014, it (finally) comes to Asia, with Singapore being the 1st stop on the map of infection.  Once again, I ate my words.  Om nom nom ~ gladly.

Registered to be a runner on the 7pm wave & organized the event on one of the Meetup groups I’m part of.  Right now, I’ve got 4 other runners in my team.  7 others registered to be zombies on a different wave as the 7pm one was filled… and I foresee at least a couple more taking the plunge within this week.  Keeping fingers crossed for more fellow runners ~ though it seems that most peeps are more interested in chasing than being chased LOL

It ain’t gonna be easy.

So much for my intention of taking a month long running-free break in December.  If anything, I’ll have to train even harder and incorporate sprints into my sessions.  It will be awesome to collect the Survivor medal instead of the Infected one.  Yes… the Zombies, Run! app will be perfect for this.  Time to turn on zombie chases once again.

And ooo… Race the Dead is this Saturday.  Am gonna be attending it with strangers, but I know I’ll have fun o(^_^)o

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