1 Day to the Zombie Apocalypse

Race the Dead is tomorrow.

Am on Category 1, wave #9.  5km, ?? obstacles, 2 lives and hundreds of zombies.  Considering that I’m pretty much going rambo with this, am certain it’s gonna be one heck of a run.  One that I ain’t confident of surviving.   Face it.  I’m small, female and while I look “sporty” (a rock climber… is what people tend to say), I look like neither a long distance runner nor sprinter – hence there is no way that the zombies will think I’m too difficult a target.

Plus I’m gonna be alone.  In a race where “teamwork is highly recommended”, am gonna stick out like a sore thumb and probably have the horde gunning for me at every section.

Darn.  Why didn’t I have the foresight to organize a Meetup event for this back then?  I’d probably have gotten like 2-3 people on my side if I had.  Instead, I just plunged into it outta impulse as slots were limited and very quickly filled.  Sure, I do know ONE girl, whom I’ve met only once, who is going too… but she will be with her friends and so far, my attempts to arrange meeting up prior to the race has been met with Whatsapp silence @_@

Only the survivors receive the special survivor tee.  Bleh =(

I have this nagging feeling that perhaps I should have trained harder.  I should have ran longer, and ran faster.  I got back on the treadmill last night (and now my right foot is letting me know what it thought of my decision), but it was only for 1.9km, at a speed of 8.5kph for 800m, 9kph for 700m and 9.5kph for 400m.  Was breathing so hard after, that it made me doubt if I can satisfactorily complete the 5km distance for the Shape Run on Sunday… after exhausting myself out running from the Undead on Saturday.

I know, I know.  I’m being quite the pessimist here… but trust me, I’ve always been the kinda person, who doesn’t give a **** whether the cup is half empty or half full.  I don’t even care whether the cup is there or otherwise XD


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