A New PR @ the Shape Run 2013 *\(^_^)/*

While I might not have attained my goal of doing a sub-30min 5k during Sunday’s Shape Run 2013, I did manage to grab a new PR for myself!  34:47 for 5.24km according to RunKeeper – I attribute the “additional distance” recorded to having to zig-zag around the walkers (ugh) and slower plodders during the 1st km.  Official results are… Gun Time 36:39, Rank 243/4,921 & Nett Time 34:28, Rank 200/4,921.  No idea how I fared in relative to others of my age group but I’m in the Top 5% overall.  Considering that the Shape Run is one of the more prominent all-female runs in SG, am pretty pleased about it!!  *\(^_^)/*

shape run finishing line[Photograph courtesy of Running Shots]

This year’s Shape Run also introduced a new category: the non-competitive 2.4km stroller fun run/walk.  Open only to women with strollers, I think this is a perfect way to get some healthy fun with their children!

shaperun_mums and tots[Photograph courtesy of AsiaOne]

tbh it was only when I started getting involved with virtual running (via fb groups) that the thought of women running with their tots in a stroller ever occurred to me!  One of the VRs that I’m taking part in is organized by Joggermom, an online store that specializes in jogging strollers & other baby products.  I’ve NEVER seen anyone run with their kids here before, till the Shape Run, and I think it is something that should be more widespread!  Face it.  The majority of women with kids that I know are “auntified”.  If running with strollers become a ‘trend’, am sure it’ll be huge motivation to lose all that post-pregnancy weight… in the healthy way, mind you!

Back to the race, the route was great.  Well marked and cordoned from the public.  A little elevation across the highway towards the Mountbatten area but no serious hills and the weather perfect – the morning sun was bright but not scorching, temperature felt around the 28°C mark.  Perfect conditions to gun for a PR, tbh!


Well… am not gonna give any excuses for not breaking the 30min benchmark.  Yeah sure, I was much in the middle of the pack.  Took me about 2min to get to the start point and I had heaps of people blocking me but I managed to keep a comfortable pace.  A tad slower than during my training runs, but it wouldn’t have significantly impacted my time.  My feet did hurt a little from the strain a couple of weeks ago + RTD’13 the day before, but I felt awesome during the 5k.  At no time during it that I felt any pain, and I didn’t start to feel outta breath till my 4th km when I picked up the pace, trying to “chase” the 00:35:00 pacers.

I didn’t do a sub-30 simply cos I am not there yet!  But now that I’ve successfully accomplished a sub-35min timing, am feeling more confident in breaking the 30min benchmark sometime in the future.

At Shape Run 2014, maybe? 😀

Shape 13


4 responses to “A New PR @ the Shape Run 2013 *\(^_^)/*

  1. Congratulations, that’s awesome! We will both get sub 30 5ks one day 🙂

  2. Great running. 🙂

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