2 Days to Tokyo… wheeeee!!

In 30+ hours from now, I’ll be scooting off to Tokyo, Japan for the vacation I’ve been planning & looking forward to since 2012.  It’s a shame that I won’t be heading to Mt Fuji or Fuji-Q Highlands this time round, but still there are heaps of stuff cramped into my itinerary!  7 full days (considering that I’ll arrive late morning on Day 1 & am departing late morning on Day 9) might seem like overkill for a city, according to many of the people I’ve casually mentioned this vacation to irl, but I’m pretty certain that I won’t even cover ¾ of my itinerary!

I mean… this is TOKYO we are talking about!

There are sooOOooo many districts that offer different “flavors” of the city.  Think the cosmopolitan Shinjuku & Ikebukuro… the colors of Shibuya & Harajuku… the ‘old town feel’ of Yanaka & Asakusa… and of cos, otaku land – Aikihabara & Nakano.  Oh, and how can I forget?  DISNEYSEA!!!  There is Disney Land too, for those younger @ heart, but I’ll pass on it this time – too expensive to be visiting both.

Some of my must-dos include visting the iconic Tsukiji Fish Market that will be closing down end 2013 [source], crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba where I will take a photograph of the life-sized Gundam statue, chilling out at a cat café, devouring frog sashimi and maybe… just maybe, sleeping in a capsule hotel (I might decide to leave this for when I’m headed to Mt Fuji as the 2 girls going with me this time aren’t game enough for it).

Mhmm… I’ll be bringing my running shoes instead of hiking boots (I only have cabin luggage allowance hence gotta decide between the 2), and am wondering if I’ll be able to fit a morning run in anywhere.  /shrug great if I can, not too big a disappointment if I can.  My mornings, according to my itinerary, are early enough as it is… with a couple of days being 5:30am starts & the most insane one of 4:30am when I’ll be heading out for a solo hike.

That is the day that I’m most nervous about too.  Firstly, am unsure if the public transport system will be easy enough to navigate.  While I do understand very basic Japanese, but it’s been more than a decade since I even uttered anything more than どういたしまして, especially towards people who seem to love to utter ありがとうございます so much just to prove that they can speak Japanese (trust me, the @_@ look on their faces when I say that is priceless).  And then, I’m worried that I won’t be able to complete the 18.5km course in time and get caught out on the trail after the ridiculously early sunset.

That being said, the Mount Jinba – Mt Takao hike should be the highlight of my trip, and am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to pull it off.  I suppose, should I reckon there and then, that it’ll be too foolhardy do the hike alone, the alternative is to explore the various hiking trails @ Mt Takao and then return to conqueror the intended trail another time (yep, thinking of the Mt Fuji trip though that’ll be pretty challenging).

Gee.  Am getting excited even thinking about it 😀


2 responses to “2 Days to Tokyo… wheeeee!!

  1. safe travels and have fun!

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