Too Young to be Running?

A few days ago, Runner’s World published an article about 5 year old Anthony Russo completing a half-marathon in 2:22:25 [read more] and one about 14 year old Winter Vinecki finishing a marathon on all 7 continents [read more].  Last month, there was one about 11 year old Catherine Wimmer winning the 5K women’s title in New Jersey with an impressive 19:46 [read more].

In my eyes, those are AMAZING feats… and anyone who claims that they are “too young” to run long distance are probably having an unpleasant serving of sour grapes.

I’m pretty astonished at the negative responses from people via facebook that ranges from “concern” about the effects running too much will have on a growing body (you folks sure that’s really concern you have for the kid?)… to comments blasting the parents for pushing their kids too hard (uhmm just cos your kid doesn’t wanna do anything except veg out in front of the PC doesn’t mean other kids are being “pushed” to physical activity)… and to those who blatantly claim that anyone can accomplish that if they had the money and free time.

Those who fall into the last category of negativity are the ones who irk me the most cos they just reek of excuses.  You know the kind… oh I can’t do it because ((insert lame justification here)).  Blah, face it.  You can’t do it cos you don’t really want to, so quit trying to validate yourself by other means >_<”

Oh, and you say ANYONE can do that given the funds and time?  REEEAAAALLLLLYYYY?!

Running is so much more than merely having the $$ and the time to indulge.  How many people actually have the determination and motivation required to stick thru’ the training that is required to attain such a timing, I wonder.  Not me for sure.  If I strike the lottery and am financially covered for the rest of my life without having the need to work, you can be sure I’ll be spending most of my time travelling, playing video games and cross stitching.  Yeah, I’ll still run… running has grown on me this year, but I won’t have the fortitude required to complete 7 marathons in 7 different continents (though that does sound like a great achievement to insert into my bucket list)!

Can I though, if I really want to?  Maybe.  But will I really want to?

LOL ~ get my point now?

Besides, those kids didn’t just finish.  They finished with a highly respectable timing.  A timing that most adults cannot even attain.  What am I basing this claim on?  Well… in the recent Shape Run 2013, only ONE woman did a sub-20min 5K.  The winner.  The lady who came in 2nd place clocked 00:21:26.  There were more than 4,900 participants in that category.  So yeah.

As for those claiming that “stats” have proven that kids who accomplish great timing rarely grow up to be Olympians… well, firstly, you didn’t link the stats you mentioned – so how credible are you?  Next, just cos a kid loves running doesn’t necessarily mean they WANT TO be a pro athlete when they grow up -.-

Phew ~ that’s all for the rant.  Now that I’ve gotten much better from the gastric flu that I caught on Sunday, am so looking forward to going to the gym after work for some yoga to stretch my stiff muscles from the past week of inactivity and planning to have a nice evening jog tomorrow.  I know that the Swissotel Vertical Marathon is just next Sunday, and that I really should be doing some stair work, but I’ll leave that to next week… the desire to hit the pavement is stronger o(^_^)/

PS. Have fun reading about the 1 year old who became the youngest ever to finish a marathon!

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