So many things to do, so little time T_T

I know I have whined about this before… and that I should be writing updates about my recent Tokyo vacation… well, not really should but it’s something I wanna do asap cos I wanna “freeze” that week in words.  Yeah it’s somewhat like writing a diary except that I’m making it public by posting online.  I don’t have to do it, but I honestly enjoy reading travel stories of others (thanks for sharing) and I believe that others planning their 1st trip to Japan might gather some ideas from reading.  Big-headed much?  Maybe o(^^,)o

Am feeling a tad overwhelmed right now though.

There are so many things I wanna do, though I don’t seem to have sufficient time to do them… I have too many hobbies/obsessions that I can’t help but want to indulge in!  #firstworldproblem

I’ve always known this to be the case, so why am I suddenly feeling this bout of “panic”?

/sigh.  Just updated the Sims 3 Lifetime Wishes (“LTW”) List that I’ve been keeping as a word doc file for convenient reference and it came as quite the surprise to see it total at 86 – and that is assuming I didn’t miss out any, as I didn’t have the time to double-check.  That is more than 2x the no. I had on my Base + World Adventures (“WA”) list that I refer to when I work on my Trivium Legacy and Cherubian Who’s Your Daddy Challenge (“WYDC”) as mentioned previously… aeons ago, I must add.

Back when I made that post in March, I was awaiting the arrival of University Life expansion, and was hoping to finish up the 2 projects I’ve gotten going so that I can do a fresh re-install.  Yeah I have the intention to do that after every ‘game’ to decrease the chance of stuff bugging up due to the usage of custom content (i.e. hairstyles, clothing) that I download from 3rd party websites.  Well, it’s November now and I am no where closer to finishing them as I were in March @_@

I spent slightly more than 2hrs on the WYDC 2 nights ago, and I’ve decided to give it up.  The story isn’t flowing as well as I hoped it will be, and even the game is not co-operating with the plans I have for Demi.  Sure, that is something I can definitely either fix or go along with the flow, but Time isn’t exactly my most abundant resource right now.  Am gonna just think of something to end the story, albeit abruptly, totally ditch the Triviums and move on.  I am toying with the idea of backing up the current heir (2nd gen) and moving him over to the ‘new game’ as the Founder, but blehh… most likely I won’t bother.

While I’m still “stuck” on the 2nd, the 11th and final expansion for the Sims 3 – Into The Future (“ITF”) has been released less than a month ago, and The Sims 4 will be shipping in Fall 2014 worldwide [source].

I have less than a year to purchase, install and play everything, prior to getting Sims 4 on the release date!  Of course I’m gonna pre-order though I have yet to decide whether I’m going for a digital deluxe or a retail CE.  Much as I love the boxes games come in, face it… digital copies are the way to go these days.  The Sims has been the only game that I’ve never given up playing thru’ the decades and I have no intention to stop now!

Sims 4 aside, there’s FFXIV: ARR.  I just hit lv 48 last night.  Too slow.  Patch 2.1 is just around the corner with new dungeons, Extreme modes for primal battles, PvP and player housing.  *gasp*  I haven’t even embarked on current end-game content yet.  Gawd ~ am never gonna be able to catch up, save for quitting my irl job to play instead (not a logical option).  The only consolation is that, at least I’m on track with the latest event – Lightning Strikes.  Completed the 1st quest of the series last night after an Aurum Vale run.  Am so gonna camp the Fate at odd hours this weekend to capture a decent screenie of Lightning.  Why?  Uhmm… cos I adore her and that’s the kinda redundant crap I do :Þ

If that isn’t enough, the next expansion for the World of Warcraft has been confirmed.  The Warlords of Draenor will bring the level cap to 100, open a new world for exploration and offers finally some form of player housing – the Garrison.  Yes, new adventures await, and though it might seem that I don’t care much about the game at the moment, Azeroth has always  been my home & I will definitely return then… if not slightly earlier to conclude MoP for myself and take part in the pre-expansion event. 

That is just PC gaming.

I have plans to get my talons on the Nintendo 3DS (yes, for Pokémon… stop calling me a retard) for Me as a birthday gift… and the PS4 early next year (am not financially apt to get them both @ the same time as I need a new monitor + TV too).  The PS4 is due for release in Singapore on 19th December 2013 (epic time, considering that that’s my birthday lol) [source] and that means MOAR GAMES to play!!  RAWWWRRRRRR!!!!

As things are right now, am barely keeping current with CSI, Criminal Minds & Glee, putting the Walking Dead on hold, while trying to catch up with “older stuff” like Dexter, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, The Following… and the list goes on.  Oh, I watch anime and movies too btw.

The only consolation is that when I watch stuff, I multi-task by eating or cross stitching @ the same time… which well, is a world of UFOs and WIPs.  AND… there are novels that I wanna read, recipes I wanna attempt, races I wanna run, mountains I wanna hike, places I wanna explore… etc.

*chuckle*  I think I’ll be having some great times ahead *\(^_^)/*

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