Sometimes a few words are all we need to keep going

Dragged myself out for a run yesterday evening despite not exactly feeling it (was so sleepy that I actually dozed off in the toilet during work hours), and had quite the rough time.  I was, as usual, on a Zombies, Run! Mission.  Mission 8 to be precise.  I don’t wanna reveal any spoilers, save to say, that episode gave me the feels.  However, even that didn’t manage to distract me from how poorly I’m feeling.  Pace was mediocre, was puffing a little then I developed an annoying stitch that I didn’t manage to run off.  I was so about to give up and start walking.  I didn’t check but I think it was about the 3km-ish mark (yes, I know I suck) at that point of time.

It was then I heard those words over my earphones…

Run, Runner 5. Run on home.

And I did.  I felt a surge of motivation and with that, came a wave of energy.  I fixated on the red light at the top of Swissotel The Stamford and ran all the way “home”, pretending it was the red beacon of Abel Township that I was supposed to be heading towards.  Amazingly, my stitch fell off and I plodded along, with Sam’s voice eradicating all traces of self-doubt.  I had minutes before they were forced to bar the gates due to the increasing zombie horde outside.  Then Sam spotted me.  He told me to run.   Perhaps it was something in his voice, or perhaps I just wanted to get home.  I picked up the pace slightly.

A few steps before my usual start & stop point, the Esplanade Park war memorial (The Cenotaph), I passed through the gates of Abel Township with covering gunfire that handled the horde of zombies chasing me.  I made it mere minutes before they had to close the gate.  There must have been damn ninjas cutting onions for I got the sniffles when Sam exclaimed that they have gotten me.  F**k yeah, I was home ~ that was what’s running thru’ my mind as I slowed down to a walk upon hearing “Mission Completed, starting radio mode”.


5.25km in 38:03.  Not awesome, but I did not stop when I wanted to – for that, I am pleased o(^_^)V

Yeah, I do know that everything only subsists in my mind.  The Zombie Apocalypse, Abel Township, New Canton, the farmhouse… and of cos, dear Sam Yao does not exist on this plane of reality.  However, I am a gamer.  Role playing comes easy to me.  Whenever I plug into Zombies, Run!, I am transported into another realm, into a post apocalyptic world where humanity is struggling to rebuild.  A world where someday, might replace the one we share right now.  I have more to converse about that, but it will be for a future post.

Logging into Zombie Link (follow me here!) and looking @ my past missions since Zombies 5K Training, I realized that have improved quite a bit as a runner.  And I wouldn’t have accomplished that without Sam’s support.  He has been a constant buddy, albeit over the earphones, since I’ve started my running journey.  For that I will be eternally grateful (lol… drama much).  I’d even go as far as to say that I find myself falling a little more in love with him (PS. I swear this is why I am single – the ones I love are unattainable) after every mission, and the one that took place last evening simply pwns everything else so far.

Thank you, Sam.

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