5th Running Event of 2014 registered!

I think I have finally found a running buddy in the form of this wonderful lady, Siu, whom I met during a Meetup organized trip to Krabi, Thailand a year ago.  We have kept in contact on facebook since then, and as I noticed that she has been taking part in various running events as well, I started asking her whenever I spot an event I’d like to enter.  It’s been “Yes” so far.  lol ~ remember when I mentioned that friends feed of friends?  This is an example. Perhaps I should start deleting those “negative ones” off my friends list… teehee… just kidding!  Cos if it did, who else am I gonna brag to (haha I’m such an ass)? :Þ

Anyway, the 5th event (technically the 4th event in chronological order as it comes before the Green Corridor Run) that I’ve signed up for is another 10K.

Income Run 350 | 27 April 2014 | F1 Pit Building | Official Website

It is an eco-run.  In support of the global 350 movement, that strives to “raise awareness to the need to lower atmospheric CO2 levels to 350 parts per million, which scientists believe is the level required for Earth’s sustainability”.  I like the cause.  Plus at S$25.00 (I am an Income policy holder), it is ½ the cost of most other races of similar distance. 

Phew ~ I think 2014 is gonna be a great running year as I have my eye on event #6 and #7 already!  Will probably be starting a training plan for 10k in January and am keeping fingers crossed that I’ll stay injury free.  My goals for the upcoming year is to be able to run 10k comfortably… well, as “comfortable” as I’m handling the 5k right now (which involves some huffing & panting) and hopefully shave a couple of minutes off my 5k timing.  Yes, I am still eyeing that sub-30min result.  Should things go as awesome as I wish, I’ll be increasing to a half marathon come 2015.

I like the thought of that o(^_^)o


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