Swissotel Vertical Marathon Results are out!

The results page format is just… meh.  Listing only the average timing of each complete team, individual times aren’t reflected at all.  It’s fair that team is not ranked, but only having my team mate’s name with the words “DID NOT FINISH” while mine isn’t even displayed?  C’mon… that’s just daft.  It ain’t my fault that my team mate didn’t turn up.  While I do not have evidence to back my claim, I daresay I am not merely speaking for myself when I mention this – official race times are important to runners.

That being said, I did contact the race organizers via facebook pm for my individual timing and they responded pretty quickly ~ kudos to them for that \(^_^)/

The result though, is a tad of a bummer 😦


lol ~ pathetic.  Comparing the times with those in my age category (Women 30-39), that would have placed me at Rank 23/112 (111 finishers in that group).  Mhmm… and if I were to compare with those in the Women’s Open Category, I would be rank 19/88.  Not good.  Should have trained harder, and trained more.

A friend told me that it’s good that I finished, but hey I’m a gamer at heart, rankings are important to me.  It isn’t enough when the boss in WoW goes down, I will only be satisfied if I show up within the top 3 dps on Recount in a 25m raid.  Haha of cos that doesn’t apply when I’m tanking.  While I am realistic enough to know that being in the Top 10 is outta my league (I’m lazy), my goal is to finish within the top 15% in small events as such, and top 5-10% in larger ones.

Everyone else aside, outta the group that I attended the SVM with (albeit in different categories), 1 dude beat me with a timing of 13:25.55  I know he is male, but gender is not an excuse!  Am gonna strive to top that for SVM 2014 if I do decide to take part again.  Scroo sub-15 min timing, am gunning for sub-13 next year!  RAWRRRR!!!



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