Running Event 6 & 7 of 2014 confirmed. Some Running Route Thoughts.

It seems that I’m signing up on every single race in 2014 that is being announced – well, at least every one (with exception of the Terry Fox Run) that offers a participant’s tee and finisher’s medal that is.  I proudly admit that I am a bling whore, and I plan to purchase a medal rack to display all that shiny metal soon 😀

Sundown Marathon | 31 May 2014 | F1 Pit Building | Official Website 

Over the last weekend at the Singapore Sports Expo, I purchased my spot in the Sundown Marathon… simply cos doing it over the counter entitles me to an extra running singlet (which turned out to be the SDM 2013 running bib).  Oops, now that I think about it, I have yet to register online, and should really be doing so by tonight >_<” Haha… no, am not doing a full marathon or even a half – signed up for the 10km category.

As the name suggests, it will be a night race.  The exact flag-off timing is tbc but since the event area is within walking distance from where I live, I don’t have to care much about transport.  It is also one of Singapore’s largest and more “respected” running events.  lol ~ and I remember being so frustrated earlier this year, when I went night cycling and encountered the road closures :Þ

Venus Run | 8 March 2014 | Marina Barrage | Official Website 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, this is yet another 5km Women’s Only run (I wonder why women have the need to feel exclusive… you don’t see a “Men’s only” run and am certain if that gets organized, the women will be blowing the event into smithereens with their cries of gender equality).  It is a pretty small event, I think limited to 5,000 participants, and likely to be along my home turf.  But hey ~ any excuse to keep myself motivated is great!  Besides, it comes with a pretty hi-tech pink (duh…) participant’s tee.

=^..^=   =^..^=   =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=

Mhmm… anyway, taking a closer look @ my running calendar pretty much confirms what I’ve been thinking all this while – that the running events are held at more or less the same location & participants end up running pretty much the same route, only under a different race title.  They are highly likely gonna be along the Marina Promenade and Gardens by the Bay area.  Makes logistical sense, cos those are huge stretches of pavements w/o any need for road closure.

The only “problem” is, it is where I have my evening outdoor runs.  For free, I might add.  lol.  Am a tad worried that by running it too much, I’ll tire of the route eventually.  Perhaps I should start exploring other routes around the CBD area where I can run w/o being disturbed by motor and human traffic too much.

Right now, I’m doing Esplanade Park -> Marina Barrage (via the Helix Bridge) and back, with the total distance amounting to slightly more than 5km.  I plan to increase the distance gradually by first incorporating the loop that bypasses MBS, and when am comfortable with that increment, to attempt crossing over to the other side of the barrage – that should give me a 10km-ish distance.

Ah well ~ off to look @ the maps and for a newbie 10km training plan which I shall start on in January!

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