Cheating in a Marathon. WTF, really?

Congratulations to pastry chef Tam Chua Puh, 43, who “won” the Standard Chartered Marathon on Sunday with a time of 02:46:57… and he accomplished that by running “barely 6km of the 42.195km route” [source]!


According to various news articles, “he did not mean to cause any trouble” and that “all he wanted was the finisher’s T-shirt and medal”. His left knee, injured when he got hit by a car when he was a kid (let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that he wasn’t lying about that too), got sore and caused him to give up to rest @ the bus stop. Then when he saw runners (who turned out to be the international elites) run past, he deemed it “safe to return to the race” and ended up being the 1st Singaporean to cross the line. Awesome huh?

If that ain’t enough, he admitted to doing the same thing in 2 previous marathons, which resulted in disqualification! Wow, you gotta give him a standing ovation for his determination – trying over and over again despite prior failure.

Oh ~ and if you somehow didn’t manage to detect my sarcasm in the above paragraphs, let me assure you that I am in no way honestly applauding him. Ugh I am no paladin with unwavering honor (though I do subscribe to the Solamnic Knights’ code of Est Sularus oth Mithas) but I certainly won’t stoop this low.


… and to top it up, it never crossed his mind that he was cheating? lolwut? Makes you wonder how much integrity he has, and what kinda values he is imparting to his child.

Jeez, besides, how did he even think he could finish a marathon to begin with? Cheater mentions that he “picked up running in 2011 and runs mostly on weekends, 1km each time”. /facepalm I’d think that one would require heaps more of mileage to even consider undertaking a challenge as such.

Reminds me a lot of J who is confident that she could summit Mt Fuji without training, despite having issues climbing 24 flights of concrete apartment block stairs…


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