3 days to The Walk, by Six to Start

“A 500 mile thriller where every step counts.  It’s time to walk for your life.” – The Walk

With the NHS and Department of Health, the creators of Zombies, Run! will be launching yet another fitness game that is more than just merely racking up mileage and collecting badges to be shared on social media in a few days.  This time, instead of running, all players need to do is… walk.

What I gathered from various articles and the ZR facebook page, The Walk is set in the modern world and will be a conspiracy story.  Players will be “given” a package (that could save the world) to courier to Edinburgh, Scotland.  The station gets blown up before they can get onto the train, and everything electronic gets rendered dead by an electromagnetic pulse.  Yep, that means, in order to make the delivery, players will have to “walk to Scotland” and they will do so while being pursued.

The Walk

Sounds freaking awesome?  Well, it certainly does to me!

Wonder how it’ll work though.  Whether it will be mission-based like ZR, or would it be more of an accumulation of the no. of steps taken in day.  If the later is the case, I’ll definitely be walking going to the restroom, the printer… etc. carrying my phone during the work day quite a bit more!  Haha, no, I’ll not be playing it together when I have ZR on during a run – that will feel too much like cheating; but I will put it in my bag together with my 3DS on sleep mode when I’m walking around outdoors.

I simply adore such augmented reality games (can it be considered as such, considering that it only works as well as the player’s imagination?).  They blur the lines between the realms I traverse and makes the journey thru’ this one (a.k.a. “real life”) so much more interesting.  Another one that am looking forward to is Ingress, but that I will talk about another time o(^_^)o

Anyway, am keeping fingers crossed that the app won’t retail for too much and that there’ll be a 50% (or more) launch sale of sorts!  Am feeling a little poor after the purchase of the 3DS & I foresee quite a bit more spending this month on games due to the Steam sale that is bound to take place over X’Mas.  Not to mention, I have my eye quite a few 3DS titles, including Animal Crossing: A New Leaf, and I feel my resilience slowly fading away…

Think it’s time to cancel my FFXIV: ARR subscription, or at least downgrade it to a monthly one.  Am getting bored being at max level for my class and not raiding – am too lazy to search for a guild that has suitable timing & a tank spot and I cbf forming one; and I don’t seem to have much motivation with leveling another class despite it being on of the items on my 35 Before 35 list.  I think the MMORPG phase of my Life is over.

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