Arrgghh… I’m sorry m(_ _)m

Couldn’t resist trying out Wonder Trade, but as I’m only like 2hrs into the game, I had nothing decent to offer except the starting lowbies “trash pokemon”.  Highly expecting to get trash in return, I named my spare Weedle Springy, and sent him away.  In return I got a Honedge with a Japanese name.

I feel like an asshole.

To Alvin of the USA, if you somehow manage to read this, I’m really really sorry… I hope I didn’t ruin ur day with that Weedle.  Though that being said, I hope you’d take care of Springy for me, cos he’s the 1st wonder trade I’ve ever made.

And I promise not to use Wonder Trade ever again, until I have something decent to send m(_ _)m


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