Planning a Gaming Marathon for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m looking forward to it!  Ahhh… no, I no longer believe in Santa Claus, and I don’t have anyone special to be spending the day with (pathetic, I know… but whatever, am done wallowing in that kinda misery).  What I do have though, are 3 days off work – the Eve, the Day & Boxing Day.  I wasn’t expecting to get 3 days off though, generally it’s just 1.5 days and since I was notified only last week about it, I didn’t make any travel plans.  Making them now will be too expensive, so that pretty much means I’ll have 3 days of NOTHING to do!  Freaking awesome o(^_^)o

Perfect time for a gaming marathon!  I’ve been wanting to have one for months now, to just do nothing much else but game for hours and hours and hours… Since I have 3 days, I’m either gonna game for 2 of them, and cross-stitch (which chain-watching a TV series) for the remaining one; OR I’ll just do a 26hr gaming session at a go (with 10 min break each hour) then sleep the remaining day.  Much as I love the latter option, am unsure whether I’m able to handle it now that I’m no longer as young as I used to be.

Anyway… the games.  Am thinking of playing 3 games dominantly and tossing another 2 more as options, in case I get bored for some reason.

As I desperately NEED to finish up FFXIII so I can return the PS3 to my friend, it will be one of the titles that I’ll be working on this time – am keeping fingers crossed that this marathon session will allow me to make significant progress, if not complete it.  Another I’ll be working on is pre-maturely ending the Cherubian WYDC on The Sims 3, to allow myself to a fresh reinstall with all the full expansion packs that I plan to purchase over Steam this Christmas period.  Then of cos, there will be my latest obsession Pokémon Y.

Assuming that I’ll have yet to pick up Animal Crossing: A New Leaf or Fire Emblem: Awakening by then, my 2 other ‘spares’ will be FFVII and Heroes of Might & Magic VI – both obtained via Steam during the recent Black Friday sale.

Mhmm… now that I look @ it, I might not have time for any cross stitching!  Darn, and I was initially wondering how to slot a gym session and a morning run into all that OTL

9 responses to “Planning a Gaming Marathon for Christmas

  1. I would stick with FF and play Pokemon for an hour every few hours as a break! If you are trying to get up to lvl 50 or so you might not really have enough time… Either way, game on!

    • haha thanks! Gotta check though, when you mention lv 50 were you referring to FF13 or FF7? I’m like 1/3 through FF13 and have not noticed any specific level – as far as I know, it’s just gaining xp to pump stats into the crystarium. Did I miss something?

      • Oh haha oops. I was thinking of ff14!

      • Heh thought so! Mhmm… now u are tempting me to use the time to get my now Lv 11 Lancer to Lv 50 >.< I shall resist !!!

      • Ha, yeah. I only played that game during my one month free trial. Couldn’t bring myself to actually start paying a subscription…

      • I took a 3 mth sub, for the flying eyeball mount (I forgot how to spell its name lol), but am getting a tad bored of it already. There is not a lot to do at 50 if not raiding, save for running the same dungeons over and over and over… I don’t really wanna commit to 3-4 evenings for raiding per week either 😦

      • It was my first time checking out an mmo, and overall I enjoyed what I got from it. I’m a pretty big ff fan, but not enough to have it be 80% of my gaming. I might try a little more when the ps4 version comes out since there is a free upgrade… I guess it depends on whether that comes with another month or not. 🙂

      • Ahh, so u were playing it on the PS3? I wonder how it’s like on the console. Am playing it on the PC. There’s a huge update today that involves a 24hr maintenance and there’s heaps of new content (i.e. new lv 50 dungeons, dungeon roulette, pvp…etc.) being added. Am looking forward to check that out tomorrow evening… it might just revive my interest in the game! 😀

      • Yeah the ps3 version was good enough, but I’m curious to see what is better about the ps4 version, especially graphics…

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