Embarking on my Kalos journey. I wanna catch ém all.

♪ ♫ I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.  To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. ♬♭

Trust me, though it’s been ages since I watched the animation (last stopped at the start of S03), I could go on for the next verse right into the chorus.  Plus there was a time that I actually tried to memorize the original Pokérap.  Hey ~ I can still remember Team Rocket’s motto (in English, duh) though!  /cackle if only I had spare time, I’d dearly try to catch up with all the eps.  It’s like Season 17 now huh? :Þ

I admit.  I’m kinda late coming into Generation VI.  Tons of peeps have completed the game by now and are breeding shiny Pokémon with perfect IVs.  Me?  My Kalos journey hath only just begun.

Kalosgah, can’t wait to customize my sprite (if possible) – too girly!

Obtained the Bug Badge by defeating the Santalune City Gym Leader Viola just last night.  With Fennekin, my starter pokemon @ Lv. 13 upon entry, I pretty much smashed everything with it, save for swapping out my Lv. 7 Pikachu against Viola’s Lv. 10 Surskit just to end the fight more quickly.  The others in my party who were totally just chilling out in their pokeballs were Torchic (Lv. 12), Honedge (Lv. 9), Fletchling (Lv. 9) and uhh… I forgot.  LOL

I like Santalune City Gym.  It’s pretty.



Unfortunately, I forgot to take any shots of Viola – was too tired by then and all I could think of is to heal up at the Pokémon Centre then log off to dream land.  😀

Pokémon Y isn’t the 1st game of the series that I’ve played, but it possibly will be the 1st I’ll ever complete.  Mind you though, when I say complete, I mean beating the game… not completing my Pokédex.  That’s uber insane, and am not intending to go that far.  I started off with Pokémon Yellow on a GB emulator on my PC, then I played Silver on the same emulator, and later on, Ruby on the GBA.  Skipped Gen 4 & 5 completely and here I am, on Gen 6!

It is highly addictive as expected, and I spent much time trying to capture all the pokémon available to me on a route before moving on.  Plus I’ve been distracted by the different aesthetic types of Vivillon in the game… will rant about that another time.  For now, I gotta get focused, complete the game to gain access to the Friend Safari, then work on my pokédex, breeding shinies/IVs and Vivillon collection.

That being said, my game is set to the Quebec, Canada region and hence has access to Scatterbugs that will evolve into Vivillons with the Polar pattern (tested & proven this with my friend in NSW, Australia last night).  Should anyone want one, my FC is 1907-9493-7747 and I’d love to have one from your region in return.  Looking for all except Polar (duh) and River at this point of time o(^_^)o


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