My Latest Obsession: StreetPass Mii Plaza

It’s Day 7 since I failed my Will save and purchased my Nintendo 3DS XL.  She (yes, she) is a metallic red set that I have named Garnet after contemplating the names Scarlett & Crimson too.  haha, yeah, I do name my stuff cos it makes it easier to refer to them.  One of my guitars is SubZero, my current PC is Phoenix II, my former Honda NSR150SP is Harusame (春雨), my iphone Ghost (this has nothing to do with the Game of Thrones!), my bicycle Reddie… etc. but uhmm yeah, looks like I’ve gotten derailed again :Þ

Since Day 2 (I didn’t do much on Day 1 except charge up Garnet), I’ve been pretty obsessed with the StreetPass Mii Plaza – one of the built in apps of the 3DS.

Those who own a Wii would be familiar with the Mii.  It’s basically an avatar that players create via the Mii Channel that can be used in various Wii games… I don’t own a Wii btw, and am too lazy to Google it up, so that’s pretty much all I know about how it integrates with the console.  On the 3DS though, creation of a Mii is mandatory (correct me if I’m wrong… I’m a n00b after all) for access to the StreetPass Mii Plaza as well as to obtain your personal friend code o(^_^)o


Oh yeah… that Mii up there ^, is mine.  Kinda resembles me, somewhat.

Do add me, especially if you play Pokémon X/Y, and leave me a comment with your FC if you do, so I can add you back!  Am still early into the game (just beat Viola last night) and probably not have anything to offer but hey ~ we can trade scatterbugs!  I’m not kidding!  XD

How the StreetPass works is simple.  You keep your console on sleep mode, and carry it along wherever you go.  If there are other consoles in the vicinity (not sure how huge the range is though) with sharing on, the Street Passes are automatically exchanged.  Guess this is finally one advantage of living in a country as heavily populated as Singapore – I have been picking up 2-3 Miis on my commute every day (knock on wood as I had no luck this morning) while my Canadian friend only picks up like one, and that is when he goes to town.

Entering Mii Plaza, should you have picked up new StreetPass tags for the day, you will be greeted by your fellow Miis.  Then it will be off to the Main Plaza where all the Miis you have met previously will be gathered – kinda cute really.  Various options are available when you select the individual Miis 😀


So… what is there to do there that got me @_@ over it?

LOL ~ it’s a little embarrassing to admit, cos it’s quite silly really… it is the 2 free “games” available in the Mii Plaza: Puzzle Swap & Find Mii that drives me to constantly wanna go out there to collect tags.  Briefly (as I have no intention to write a guide – plenty out there already), they are:-


Puzzle Swap is a puzzle pieces collecting ‘game’.  You get to select a puzzle piece from each Mii you meet, and collecting them all will well… unveil the puzzle!  Yay!  LOL, I did mention it’s quite silly right?  But it will appeal to the collector in everyone.  Puzzles come in 15pc, 24pc & 40pc.  The pink pieces are only available via swap and the blue ones can be purchased using 2 Play Coins (more about that later).

Find Mii is a little RPG-like.  Your Mii gets captured, and it is up to you to free him/her by recruiting a band of heroes to defeat the monsters in each room, leading to your Mii!  How do you recruit?  Well, via StreetPass tags and Play Coins of course!  Heroes come in different colors, cast different spells based on their colors and the monsters have vulnerabilities/resistances based on color as well.  Pretty neat!

There are also 4 other paid DLC games available in the Plaza: Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior’s Way & Monster Manor.  They are $4.99 each via the Nintendo e-shop and I believe there is a package offer of $14.99 for all 4 of them – am unsure about the currency at the moment, as I’m have yet to set up my Nintendo ID and am currently browsing the e-shop with my region set as Quebec, Canada.  tbh am only interested in Flower Town & Monster Manor (an am likely to get them within this month… resisting for now, to see if there’s a Christmas / post-Christmas price drop).  Anyway, I reckon that if I’m gonna pay like $10.00 for 2 of them, /pif, might as well get all 4 for $15.00 OTL

icwutudidthar Nintendo!

PS. The “screenshots” above are actually taken with Ghost’s camera pointed at Garnet’s screen… hence the weird black border.  As far as I know, there is currently no way to take a screenshot directly off a 3DS without external hardware [guide].  Some games do allow internal screenshots to be taken, and I’ve seen a photo spot in Pokémon Y… but how that works, well, I’ll probably stumble upon it eventually – no hurry to find out now ^_^

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