Dilemma: When Race Dates Clash

There are just this many weekends in a year.  It is inevitable that race dates clash.  When that happens, especially if you have already registered for one and would really prefer to attend another, it is a tad disappointing.

16 February 2014 is the day of the annual Terry Fox Run.  It will be held at the Big Splash @ East Coast Park with a 8am staggered flag-off for the 10k/5k categories.  It is an event that I’ve wanted to take part in since I started running… well, mainly cos I support the cause & I think that Terry Fox is frigging awesome!  I went ahead to register for the 5k, and even roped in a FFXIV guildmate, Z, to come run (walk) with me.

THEN… I chanced upon another race that is held on the exact same day @ the Singapore Zoo.  The Safari Zoo Run.  Part of the proceeds are to go towards the care of endangered animals at the Night Safari & Singapore Zoo, and yep the run is gonna be held in the park itself, with admission covered via the registration fee.  Yep… that means I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the day wandering around the exhibits for no extra cost!  I was tempted, but since I already registered for the Terry Fox Run, I did well to ignore it till I saw this…

safari zoo medals

zomg… seriously, how cute is that?

Granted that I’ve promised myself that I’ll never take part in any “fun run” again due to the nightmare of the sheer amount of walkers in such categories, just compare the 6km Fun Run medal against the 6km/12km Women’s Competitive ones.  LOL no I’m not gonna take part in both categories even though I’ll probably be able to… S$48.00 is enough to pay already.  Heh, and I managed to get my current race-buddy tempted enough to go too so yeah, will be sending in my registration later tonight o(^_^)o

Now the problem.  Without a vehicle and having to rely on public transport, how the heck am I gonna make it both the Terry Fox Run (“TFR”) & Safari Zoo Run (“SZR”) when they are not even in the same area?

Say the TFR 5k flags off at 8:30am and not later, and say that I manage to run around my PR and finish it in 35min.  Cooling down and picking up my stuff from the baggage counter, assuming there is no queue, will mean I’ll be ready to leave the event site at about 9:15am.  That gives me 45min to get my ass down to the Zoo.  I could, if I manage to flag at cab immediately… but I have been to East Coast Park often enough to know that is never the case.  Taking the bus, then the MRT and another bus is outta the question too.  Mission Impossible?

I’d gladly forsake the TFR tbh.  I could easily treat the registration fee as making a donation to the cause… plus I’m getting the T-shirt after all, and there is no finisher medal.  So what’s the problem?

Z is the problem.  He flipped when I told him I wasn’t gonna be able to make it down for the TFR as I’ll be attending the SZR since I can’t possibly be in 2 places at once, and neither am I able to teleport.  He claims that it will be a waste to not attend when we have already paid the registration fee.  /sigh he pretty much insisted that I’ll go down with him to the TFR for the flag-off then go to the SZR.


Seriously?  That’s gonna be one heck of a waste of time (and energy) on my part.  Yeah sure, I am kinda obliged since I was the one who got him into the TFR to begin with… but hey, couldn’t he easily do it alone?  Besides, was he expecting that I’ll be keeping pace with him for the entire 5km?!  Ugh.  He is much slower than I am, and he can’t run more than 2km w/o walking.  If I am to accompany him the whole way, I’ll probably be done only an hour later.  Not good.  And honestly, I didn’t agree to that – I wouldn’t have.

I know, I know.  It’s my bad… and I DO feel bad.  I shouldn’t have been tempted by the lovely medal, but am sure every other bling collector would agree that it’s too cute to pass up… but really, I think he is being kinda ridiculous expecting me to go all the way down (that’s at least 1.5hrs via public transport from where I live) just for flag-off then somehow make it for the 10am SZR.

FML.  Think am just gonna “refund” him the registration fee for the TFR out of my own pocket, treat it as a double donation to cancer research.  Am not liking the idea of all that rushing around =.=


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