My Kalos Adventure Continues: Lumiose City


I hate this place.

The default camera angle sucks, the streets look similar and it’s a royal p.i.t.a. to navigate.  I’m the kinda player who just has to talk to every single NPC, try to open every door… and hey, I managed to overcome that particular ocd in Lumiose City just cos it’s a nightmare to do it!  Sure, the place is pretty, and I like that Eiffel Tower lookalike in the middle (which I can’t access at this point of time in the game due to the blackout) but arghh getting my bearing is so hard!  I always end up spinning in circles, and am sure it’s not the simple case of me being an n00b.


Having only like 1.5hr of gaming time last night (don’t ask me where all the remaining time went – I was wondering the same cos when I looked @ the clock, it was already 10:45pm and I was midway thru’ dinner), I didn’t do much.  Visited Professor Sycamore (o_o he’s kinda cute!) and picked up a Charmander.  LOL ~ yeah I am aware that I already have 2 fire-type pokémon and was seriously contemplating a Squirtle (since my friend already sent me a Bulbasaur for my Scatterbug) but I reckon that since it will be a while before I can afford to purchase the rest of the Mega Evolution stones, I wanna see Mega Charizard 1st.


As a result, Torchic got sent to the Bank immediately, and despite Fennekin being the highest lvl pokémon in my party right now, am sure it will be replaced real soon (when I get my Abra).  Am unsure about Pikachu as this point of time… it might just be lousy stats, but mine seems to be pretty mediocre.  Will probably replace him when I obtain another Electric type.  Oooo… and I can’t wait to get my Snorlax!

Saved & logged out at Route 5.  Here’s hoping that it won’t take me too long to obtain my Abra.  Need to get my game completed ASAP cos am so curious about my 3rd Friend Safari pokémon.  Mine is Ghost, and the 2 confirmed are Shuppet & Pumpkaboo.  Am slightly inclined to agree with my friend that the element type suits me pretty well ~ LOL


3 responses to “My Kalos Adventure Continues: Lumiose City

  1. I agree that the camera angles were weird, but it is nice to see these games have some “cinematics” in mind. All of the camera spots made me laugh because they seem to simply be a vehicle for showing off the views, which are ok but crazy memorable. Still, it’s a great game.

    • Bleh I haven’t unlocked the camera spots yet, but I imagine it to be somewhat like GW2’s vista spots… just less picturesque. I like the little cutscenes they have added into the game though, makes it pretty cute. Argh and I’ve found something I hate more than the camera angles in Lumiose city… the swarms. I don’t have any pokemon with an aoe at this lvl! D:

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