Codename: Walker. The Walk, by Six to Start

The Walk, by Six to Start, went Live last Wednesday with a 20% launch discount, bringing the price to US$3.99 (S$4.98) for a week.  I thought over it for a night, and decided to go ahead to get it.  Was forced to finally update my poor iphone4 to iOS7, as The Walk isn’t compatible with lower OS versions, and am now suffering the lag + trying to get used to the slightly different UI (which I don’t like) D:

Nonetheless I started Episode 1 on Friday morning, before I left for the office and kept it on running in the background throughout the entire day.


I realized that the play style is vastly different from that of Zombies, Run!

In ZR, players literally head outdoors for a running session – we plug in our headphones, set the app to go, listen to the story unfold as we run, get chased by zombs (if chase mode is on) and assume the identity of Runner 5 till the mission ends.  Well of course, players can “cheat” by just keeping the app on while lying on the couch, but why the heck would anyone do that evades me LOL

In The Walk, while you can play it the same way as you did for ZR, I doubt anyone would actually do that due to the time involved.  I have since restarted Episode 1 this morning (I’ll explain why later), and I noticed that I have 100 minutes of walking to do to complete it.  Should I play it the same way that I did for ZR, I’ll have to head outdoors for a 1hr 40min walk.  I can complete 4 runs of Wanderer’s Palace (FFXIV: ARR) in that amount of time, so I’d rather NOT spend it just walking =.=

Instead, what I suppose most players would do, is keep the app running the entire and carry the phone around in the pocket or a handbag wherever they go.  To put it simply, The Walk is a pedometer with an in-built storyline.


The above screenie is how the game UI looks.  As I have already cleared Episode 1 once, all the story clips (marked by the “sound icon”) have been unlocked to me.  Should I start a fresh episode, in place of the sound icon, I’ll see numbers which denote the no. of minutes I’ll have to walk in order to “reach” the next clip.  The circle with an X in it is where I am at this point of time.  Those small white squares with names on top of them (e.g. café, forgotten packed lunch… etc) are the landscape features that I was supposed to tap to scan for hidden clips.  They become unveiled as you progress down the track.

They are also the reason why I’m restarted Episode 1.

As mentioned earlier, I kept the game running in the background thru’ Friday.  I easily completed EP. 1 by evening and decided to just close the app and play Ep. 2 on another day instead of doing just a little of it for the rest of Friday (now that I think about it, I could probably have finished Ep. 2 too if I kept it on since I did walk around quite a bit while waiting to watch The Hobbit).  I had not listened to any of the clips then – was intending to do that in one go before bed when I can spare the time.  It was only yesterday night that I listened to them, looked @ the summary and realized I had 0 out of 18 landscape features scanned.  There was no way to return to the episode and tap them all at that point of time (or did I miss it?), the squares have vanished! OTL

Being a completionist when it comes to games, I hence restarted and am checking the app periodically to ensure that I did not miss out anything this time.  8 out of 18 right now.


I have mixed feelings about this game.

While I still think it’s pretty cool, I don’t feel as much for it as I do for ZR.  What I loved about ZR is that it transports me to another a realm when I am out running – I can just look around the “real world” and actually see the landmarks described in game (LOL yes, I have a pretty great imagination).  With The Walk, it just feels as if I’m listening to an e-book, with chapters gradually being unlocked.  The storyline has been interesting so far, but it hasn’t been immersive… I feel more like an outsider looking in than actually being part of it.  Yeah sure, I was given the codename: Walker, but I don’t feel like I am Walker.  I feel as if I’m listening to a story about Walker.  While playing ZR though, I AM Runner 5.

Granted that I might experience more of The Walk, should I do it all in one session, but really, that isn’t something very practical to do, is it?

That being said am not done with the game.  I will solider on (since I’ve paid almost S$5 for it), and perhaps in time, my opinion would change.  I still do think it’s a great app to motivate people to take those few extra steps in a day though – I am just unsure if it works for me 😛

=^..^=   =^..^=   =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=

Updated 17.12.2013 to add.  Failed.  Ended Ep. 1 last evening with 16 out of 18.  Restarted again this morning and have successfully scanned the missing 2 landscape features.  Phew.  I can finally progress to Ep. 2 tomorrow.  Note to self & other newbies – to check the app more diligently instead of merely leaving it in the pocket.  Landscape features only appear when you are “close” to them.  Miss them, and it’s a replay if you are neurotic like me.

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