FFXIV: ARR Patch 2.1 – A Realm Awoken. The Copperbell Mines (Hard).

The latest patch for Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn that went Live a few days ago was the first major update for the game.  To state it briefly, it introduces the game’s first 24-man raid – The Crystal Tower, FC housing and the first PvP arena – The Wolves Den.  New quests were added for the main storyline, side story and GC.  Players are also now able to gain reputation with the various Beast Tribes in Eorzea… and with that come the tribe dailies *shudder*.  Changes are also made to various job actions and statuses.  About time Warriors get a buff yo ~ looking @ how the (fkin’) pallies out tank us effortlessly.  There are also new minion pets, new mounts and new dungeons!  \(^_^)/

[Full patch notes here]

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to check out the new content on the first night.  The patch downloaded at the pitiful speed of 0.04mb/s (no kidding), which resulted in me simply leaving it overnight.  Decided to simply focus on unlocking and attempting the new dungeons first since I’m not raid ready, and I’m not an avid PvP player (cos I suck and I’m a really sore loser… there, said it).

It was a good thing that my bro came home around the time I wanted to play as I’d largely prefer to be with familiar peeps when attempting fresh content – my style is attempt first, strategize later… not something every player is adept enough to keep up.  It might sound a tad arrogant, but to put it plainly, not every pug you get in mmorpgs is equipped with the basic skill of avoiding AoE.  That becomes second nature to everyone over time, but it’s impractical to expect that everyone else you meet in game has years of gaming experience.  I’m not saying that I don’t wipe during 1st attempts… of cos I do!  And for that, it is a lot more pleasant if I am partied with players who are able to laugh it off instead of going all elitist jerk of me :Þ

DISCLAIMER – I am just writing here, about my experience in the dungeons.  Based on memory from the night before.  It might/might not be helpful to those attempting them for the 1st time, but this is in no way, meant to be a comprehensive guide.  Those idiot-proof guides will turn out online eventually, search for it.  I ain’t bothered enough by the nitty gritty to make one XD

Anyway, formed a party with bro and my usual healbot and our first task was to explore the Copperbell Mines (Hard).

Copperbell Mines

With 2 of the peeps in my linkshell cautioning that the new dungeons are very difficult and a waste of time, I steeled myself for a wipe fest… which thankfully didn’t happen.  With luck, the pug was this cheery bard who had done the dungeon once prior!  Phew ~ that means there actually was someone briefing us on the boss fights.  The trash was… well, trash.  Not hard.  Mark, pull, tank, kill.  I didn’t even give a hoot about mob kill order, just marked whatever I felt like marking… though generally I tend to down casters first, then the biggest dudes.  I don’t know if it was the adjustments to the skills or that I bought 2 new pieces of DL gear, but I seem to be having an easier time holding AoE threat.

Oh yeah, one thing I gotta mention is, we entered the dungeon expecting to find a harder version of the lowbie Copperbell Mines – the same trash, same boss, harder mechanics.  Well, not that I can actually remember how the lowbie dungeon went.  I mean… that’s how the Heroic dungeons are in WoW.  In FFXIV, nope, doesn’t work that way.  The bosses are NEW bosses, and even the map doesn’t feel at all familiar.

Boss 1 is that dude pictured in the above screenshot.  No, I did not catch his name.

He stands menacingly on a bridge-like structure with adds along the path.  I started the fight by engaging and tanking the boss where he stood.  His minions, a.k.a. the adds, aggro-ed upon the start of combat, I picked them up easily with flash & overpower… and the bard + my bro (DRG) took care of those in seconds.  I’d say the main pain in the arse of this fight is the boss setting sections of the bridge on fire, one after another.  Avoid that, obviously, and pray that you have dps competent enough to finish the fight before your party runs out of room.  Also happening during the fight are the appearance of adds – tank pick them up, dps kills them.  The flambeaus that spawn @ the end of the ramp are the little bastards that needs to be killed asap… any range dps worth his/her salt should be able to solo keep that under control.  Not too hard.

Boss 2 is a uhh… a rabbit on steroids.  LOL, ok ok, it’s a Spriggan (I think he’s called Biggy?) with a rock like body, which he eventually ditches later on in the fight.

Tanks have it easy on this one.  Save for the first few moments of the fight, the boss doesn’t even really follow the tank around.  It’s more like the tank chasing after the boss, but tanks, be careful to position yourself where the rest of the party isn’t.  Rock dude occasionally turns and smacks the tank (I can’t be 100% sure that it isn’t random players that are targeted, but it sure looked like it’s just me, during my attempt) with like a line of rocks… everyone behind the tank will be hit.  Later in the fight, rock rabbit also creates some flare like circles on the ground – we avoided that easily.

The actual mechanic for this fight is this incendiary device in the room.  When triggered, a bomb will spawn somewhere.  DPS to pick up that bomb (10 secs boom timer) and drop it in front of rock rabbit.  Eventually, grenades will also start spawning in the room.  Same thing – avoid those red circles on the floor!  Don’t get blown up with everything :O  Finally, the darn Spriggan will jump out.  Kill him, loot treasure chest.

The FINAL boss, is a huge angry creature holding a nasty looking bludgeoning weapon.

Another brain dead fight for the tank.  Just hold aggro, face him away from everyone else due to the frontal cleave he does, and avoid that huge red circle when he casts it – that smack will hurt.  I basically just tanked him near the entrance, with my back facing the door.  Shortly into the fight, the boss summons a worm (well… worm like thing) that makes sand pillars around the room.  Avoid them, cos they hurt.  When the worm gets hungry, there will be a notice that pops out saying that “the sand worm is looking for fodder”.  At that point of time, dps grabs a crystal (it probably spawns around the room – I didn’t seem them… cos all I saw the entire fight was that big bastard’s crotch) and “feeds” it to worm, by dropping it in its path.   What happens if the worm doesn’t get fed?  No freaking idea, cos the bard handled it perfectly.  I’d assume it’s something that could cause a wipe though! 😀

AAAANNNNNDDDDD… that’s all!  Copperbell Mines (Hard) done.  Yes, I did say that it wasn’t gonna be a super comprehensive guide rite?  Chances are, I probably missed some of the boss mechanics since I was so focused on holding aggro & not getting myself killed ~ really gotta see this fight from the other roles’ point of view to fully understand it… and I believe we would have wiped a little more learning the fights if we didn’t get that bard who knew what to do o(^_^)o

Nonetheless, we were quite pleased with ourselves to pull that off with only 1 wipe (on the steroid rock rabbit).  Feeling confident, we decided to then venture into the Hakkue Manor (Hard).  And that, is another story…

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