Exploring the Haukke Manor (Hard)

Once again, before anything…

THE DISCLAIMER – This is NOT a comprehensive guide on the above-mentioned dungeon.  Heck… this is not even meant to be a “proper” guide at all!  I can’t remember the names of the bosses, the names of the skills the bosses use and tbh, everything will be from the PoV of a Warrior tank who basically looks @ the bosses’ feet the entire fight.  What it is though, is a journal entry about yet another awesome (and slightly hilarious) night in Eorzea with my friends (^_^)

As mentioned previously, after smashing thru’ the Copperbell Mines (Hard) and having some time prior to calling it a night, my almost-complete party of my healbot (WHM), bro (DRG) and myself (WAR) decided to check out yet another of the “new” dungeons introduced with Patch 2.1 – the Haukke Manor (Hard).

This time, unlike for mines, we went in with no expectation that it might resemble the Haukke Manor that we did when we were lowbies… once again, not that anyone could remember much of it.  /cackle.  When the queue popped (almost instantly, I shall add, since we have a tank + healer) one of us mentioned that hopefully we’ll get someone who knows the dungeon too, as the bard previously was immense help (THANKS BUNNY!).

Our reaction was “oh shit…”, when the 1st thing the pug, a DRG with the name Tiamat, said was よろしく

(>_<”)  This was my ‘fault’ really, as I had both J & E toggled in duty finder.  My bro typed a line in romanji saying that it’s our first time ever in that dungeon, no response – curious here btw, are Japanese able to read romanji?  He eventually typed “first time” though, so yeah, we were 4 peeps facing new battles with a language barrier.  Hahaha ~ so it was decided that we go slow and see how things go 😀

Haukke Manor

The trash was ok.  I did make one accidental pull, which meant a huge bunch of mobs, but healbot kept me alive and the dps burned them down quick enough despite both of them not really having AoE as their forte.  The only thing that players gotta note are the void lamps that shoots damaging rays of light along the corridor.  There will be pats along there, so uhmm yeah, pull them to a safe spot, don’t fight while standing in the rays (duh).  I know I know, pretty basic stuff… but it might be an oversight for some newbies.

Ahhh… then the boss fights.  Neither of us bothered to do any “reading up” prior, so we just pretty much adopted a simple strat: tank boss, wack boss, pick up adds, kill adds, avoid all AoE, kill boss.  Trust me, that works almost all the time, and yep, it works for the bosses here too!  Gotta mention as well, that we are lucky that Tiamat is a competent player who could execute our “strat” perfectly without being told to ~ ❤

Boss 1 is called the Manor Jester I believe.

He starts the fight being flanked by 2 minions that die in a couple of hits – so we just killed them @ the start to get them outta the way.  The Jester is a caster, which means that I do take considerable burst dmg… but my healbot covered that pretty easily.  Occasionally, boss will summon portals that act as gates for his minons as well as leave some AoE on the floor that are easily avoided..  The small butlers are ignorable – I didn’t even bother to pick them up, both DRGs just destroyed them as they appeared.  Eventually there’ll be a big add.  Mhmm… Manor Steward is the name?  That one hits hard enough to require being picked up by the tank.

We wiped on our 1st attempt.  The dmg from everything got too heavy to heal thru’.  On the second, we decided to just ignore the Steward, and just burn down the Jester with all cds & lb.  Worked better that way.  When the Jester died, the fight is over.  We won.

Boss 2 is an asshole… he made us run around like crazy chickens.  Ash.  I remember his name, cos I was referring to him as Ash Ketchum and we did some pokemon rp prior engagement – I swear the pug must have thought we are annoying but hey… we just having fun!

Anyway, this is one heck of a movement heavy fight that can be summarized to: avoid the spinning weapons (they just spin on the spot they appear for a while b4 they disappear again) he summons, run out of the wide columns of light (casters, use sprint if you must) that cover huge portions of the room, avoid the small AoE bursts the adds do and yeah… kill the adds, and well… kill boss!

Final boss is a vampire chick that reminds me of Blood Queen Lana’thel from ICC (WoW), but thankfully she doesn’t have the same mechanics LOL ~ I can’t spell her name.  I only know my bro said that it’s the name of an ancient Greek city.  Oh wait… googled.  Helicarnassus.  Oh right ~ one of the seven wonders of the ancient world is there!  *makes mental note to check it out for a vacation destination*

Anyway, Heli served us our 2nd and final wipe of the night – her Blood Rain hurts D:

BUT… like most ladies, she really isn’t too difficult to figure out when you actually make an effort to get to know her by observing what she does (note: dating tip for guys! *chuckles*).

Like the Jester, she is a caster.  That is apparent upon engagement.  Her spells hurt the tank and is unavoidable (correct me if I’m wrong here btw) – healers will have to be mentally prepared for that.  The most annoying thing she does imo, is the casting of Dark Mist.  It is a freaking HUGE AoE circle.  Get caught in it, and you will be terrorized for a good amount of time (was it like 8 secs?) and helpless to do anything.  Pffttt… I admit that I was a slowpoke and I got hit at least twice LOL

The key of the fight though, is managing the damage of Blood Rain.  Periodically during the fight, Heli will summon adds.  KILL THOSE ADDS or at least damage them as much as you can.  Heli will eventually drag the add to her, consume it, then cast Blood Rain.  The damage of the blood rain is proportionate to the amount of hp the adds have left.  She also gains a buff after absorbing each add, but I didn’t notice what they were.  1st add is an eyeball monster, then a pair of handmaidens… and eventually the Lady of the manor (sorry, forgot her name).

After the final add, the Lady is down, Heli does this annoying Mist thingy, that sucks all the players towards her.  Right after the Mist, she will drop huge Void Fire on the ground.  What I noted is that, the mist is a channeling spell… once she starts casting it, run the f**k away so you won’t be that close to her after being sucked in.  Makes it easier to get out of the radius of void fire.

Once again, that’s all folks!  The Haukke Manor (Hard), conquered 😀

Next up will be Pharos Sirius which will have to wait till Sat or Sun night – got home too late last night as was out watching 47 Ronin (meh) & hung out a little with a few of my FFXIV guildies at Starbucks after… not a shabby way to spend my birthday!  Tonight, am watching Dhoom 3 with a Meetup group and am likely to be joining them for an after party – it’s been a while since I went to any pub… so keeping fingers crossed that it’ll be fun.  Phew ~ thankfully I’ve already done my run on Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone!  \(^_^)o

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