Kayaking the Kallang River

I think I’ve found a new sport that I might wanna indulge in o(^^,)o

Saturday morning, I dragged myself outta bed early despite having a late Friday night to attend a Meetup event at Kallang Water Venture.  It was an informal introductory session for beginners and a relaxed practice session for the certified ones.

I have kayaked a less than a handful of times prior to this – once while on vacation in Krabi, once during a mangrove expedition at Pulau Ubin and once during some camp when I was a kid.  In Singapore, as far as I know, if one wishes to kayak on a regular basis (cos places like Water Venture will not rent you the kayaks otherwise), one will need to go thru’ conducted courses… to obtain the 1 star and 2 star certification.

This time, as it was a sizeable group & let by a regular kayaker, the non-certified peeps are allowed to rent open top kayaks, but the area that we are to paddle around was strictly limited.

I had a blast.


Paddled around the Kallang River for like 2hrs, getting decent exercise and soaking in some sun – I think I got slightly burnt too as the exposed parts of my legs are considerably darker (I hope it doesn’t peel off!).  Felt good.  The best part is, I made some new friends in the process and our bunch of newbies are arranging to go attend the 1 start certification course in Jan 2014!

The course is significantly discounted for Water Venture members, so I’ll be heading to a community centre to sign up for the membership after work and hopefully will be able to secure my spot for the course at the same time.

Keeping fingers cross that this means I’ll be seeing more sun & sea in 2014 and that this wouldn’t end up being barely used like my Advanced Open Water Diving License *chuckles*

2 responses to “Kayaking the Kallang River

  1. It is! You should try if you haven’t already 😀

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