Farewell 2013, Enter 2014

Phew ~ time doth pass by pretty quickly. It is now a week into the brand new year! Here’s hoping that everyone is having a great start to 2014 and that the rest of the year ahead would be an awesome one \(^_^)/

Yeah it’s a tad weird to be talking about New Year’s Eve (“NYE”) now that 7 days hath passed, but I had a marvelous one!

Traditionally, for the past decade or so, I’d spent NYE @ home playing some video game, watching some video or asleep (no kidding!). This time, I made up my mind to do something different. Hence when a friend asked if I’d be interested to go for the Siloso Beach Party with some other members of a Meetup group, I jumped at the opportunity and bought my tickets that evening when I got home! It IS “Asia’s largest beach countdown party” afterall, so despite not having “partied” for about a decade, I had no qualms that I would have fun.

Heaps of fun, was what I had o(^^,)>

There were multiple dance floors along the beach, foam areas, color splash areas… etc. As our ticket entitled us to a drink & burger with the Wave House, we pretty much hung around that area the entire night. Redeemed my drink right @ the start and headed to the dance floor where we jumped around like monkeys and caught the gorgeous fireworks display on midnight.



Pardon the terrible quality. I only had Ghost with me and the iphone4 camera sucks big time when taking night shots – much less night shots with “movement”. LOL


Post-countdown, it was more dancing, chomping on the burger (omg… yummy!), dancing again and we finally called it a night at about 3-ish. By then I was more than ready to head home to turn on the PC for the 1st time of the year… though I kinda ended up on the 3DS instead and my 1st pokemon captured of 2014? A Dwebble. LOL :Þ

Got home close to 5am though, as it took forever to get a cab. The govt should really look into providing 24hr public transport for just ONE day a year. It would greatly reduce the no. of drunk peeps sleeping / hanging around the MRT stations and wandering the streets while waiting for the first bus/train. Really. There are netizen uploaded photographs of people in various forms of undress, and that is kinda #@%!&!~.

Wonder what am I gonna be doing end of THIS year.  Yep, thinking ahead much :Þ


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