Registered for my First Triathlon \(^_^)/

In August last year, I contemplated registering for the Cold Storage Triathlon 2013 in the Mini category but eventually chickened out. The excuse I gave myself was that I did not have ample time to prepare – the event was slightly more than a month away then, and I have no prior open water swimming experience, and neither was I even swimming regularly. Furthermore, I daresay a part of me was simply too lazy to put in the training required to not end up as a casualty mid-race.

I will be attempting in 2014, what I did not start in 2013.

Right before heading out to attend the Siloso Beach Party, I utilized a 15% discount code received via an email newsletter I subscribe to, and registered for the Tri-Factor Triathlon.

Come 7 September 2014, I will be participating in the Freshman category: 200m Swim, 10km Cycle, 2.4km Run.

Ok, you can stop boo-ing me now.

It might be a tiny distance to some, but it’s good enough for me.

For now.


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