Tuesday Evening Run. Maiden Running Attempt of 2014.

We are now into the 3rd week of 2014, and I finally managed to get off the couch for a “proper run” *chuckles*

My excuse?  Well… I went caving on the first weekend (will get around to posting about it sometime), got my running shoes totally soaked (yes, I own that few pairs of shoes) and it wasn’t till last Thurs that I attempted to start ‘training’ for my first 10km event in March.  It was horrible.  I neglected to slip in my podiatrist-prescribed insoles and my plantar fascia acted up again – got me hobbling after 1km and I pretty much walked the rest of the way home after >.<  Then Sat was the zombie event, RFYL, where I got my shoes totally muddy… and well, thankfully the weather was great and shoes were ready for use yesterday evening!

I did feel a little worried when I laced up and headed out of the door, as my foot didn’t feel awesome, but I had an awesome run!  My foot didn’t bother me at all (though it felt a little “stretched” after the run), and it was great to be finally doing what I’ve set out to do!  O(^_^)o

Embarked on my usual route, from the Esplanade Park towards Marina Barrage & back… but this time, instead of returning via the Helix bridge, I opted to add a tad more mileage and did the loop around Marina Bay Sands.


6.81km.  My longest distance ever.  And am glad I managed the entire route without stopping to walk.  Fine.  I did pause for a little, to take that photograph of the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, but it was just a few seconds!


Not too satisfied with my splits – was a little slower than I’d have wished, but I suppose it’s fine.  Gotta work on eventually building up to a 10km w/o walking, then I’ll see what I can do about the timing.  Considering that I have yet to do a sub-30 5K (yes, I am obsessed with this hurdle), I’ll be glad if I can make a 10km in 1hr 15min.  That will be my goal for the 2XU Run in March.

Gotta start running moar.  RAWR!!!!!

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