Busy Days. A Ramble.

Bleah.  Ever since I’ve been transferred to a different department (which I have no idea about), while still working for the “old boss” who is due to retire end of Jan, at work, I’ve been swamped in the office.  ****load of backlog from the girl who resigned abruptly w/o a handover, URGENT matters coming in from all directions, and tasks piling up way more quickly than I can clear them.  The result is much stress @ work and daily overtime.

As I used to write most of my blog posts during office hours (yes, skiving) am finding it difficult to keep it up these days – am only doing it now cos my brain is about to overload.  Transcribing my thoughts to words has always been my solace.  Updating after work isn’t an appealing option either.  I’m usually so smashed after office hours, that all I wanna do is shut off.  I can’t even multi-task much at home anymore.  I used to be able to work on cross-stitching while watching drama, or poke on my iphone (and 3DS) while playing an mmorpg… but these days, it’s been just mindless surfing of youtube, an anime or drama episode here and there, prior to bedtime.

*chuckles*  Of cos I’ve been heading to the gym & attempting to run.

Gosh.  To think I used to lament about not having anything to do at work.  Can’t I have like a fine balance instead?  LOL has it have to be one extreme or another?  Pfffttt… at least time seems to pass more quickly these days.

Oh ~ and my weekends have been just doing stuff, and recuperating.

It’s been an awesome month, January.

The first weekend was spent in Negri Sembilan, Malaysia where I got to do caving for the first time @ Batu Maloi, and hike to a WWII plane crash site.  The second week was Run For Your Lives Asia – I had heaps of fun, finished as a Survivor, and made a few awesome friends in the process!  Week 3, I did something less “adventurous”… I went for a facial, a haircut, played FFXIV & messed around with the Bravely Default Demo.

Weekend 4 is tomorrow.

I’ll be doing my Kayaking 1 Star Course over Sat & Sun.  Considering it’s a full day thingy (10am-5pm) for both days, I don’t foresee myself doing much else… though am keeping fingers crossed that I’ll be able to spend some time gaming and/or watching anime, drama or movies (I’ve got Robocop 1-3 on my waitlist!).  Perhaps do a little cross stitch too – been forever since I picked up a needle.


Ah well… back to work.

I need a run this evening.


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