Time to take it slow perhaps…

It’s the Chinese New Year holidays.  I’ve got 5 days off from work (including the weekend)… well, 4 days left… and as it was only announced at pretty much the last minute, I did not make any plans for overseas travel.  And since everyone else I know is probably out visiting, back in their home country OR already out of Singapore, have decided to just spend all this time I have simply nerding out @ home.

Haha no, I don’t need to visit my relatives – it is complicated.  Simply put, I don’t like all that small talk, family politics, and now I actually am old enough to not wanna go if I don’t want to ^_^

Anyway one of the 1st things I did was to pick up a book and tried to continue from where I left off more than a year ago. Though the images came easily and it took mere seconds to be transported into another realm, it felt a tad weird cos it seems as if I had forgotten parts of the story that transpired.  Have decided that I will be re-reading it from the start… and this time, will set a good amount of minutes aside each day for it.

It’s just so easy to get “lost” in the hustle and bustle of daily Life.  With technology, it seems as if everything has to be done quickly.  Everything has to be done NOW.  Everything just has to be done.  Ugh.  Now that I think about it, it’s not uncommon for me to be multi-tasking at work, at home, everywhere.  /sigh am actually even doing it right now, writing a blog post while transferring files from my PC to my external – am in the midst of sorting out & updating my list of TV series.  Guess I just felt it was a ‘waste of time’ to not do anything else while waiting for the files to be moved.

Gosh… how the world did I ever allow myself to get so… F**KING BUSY?

Why does it seem that I’ve a plethora of tasks that I’ve gotta wade thru, that I’ve gotta complete, that I’ve gotta embark on?

Oh, and I daresay I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I used to love reading.  Bleh… I still do.  However, as reading is something that takes up a considerable amount of time (I don’t speed read – I’m the opposite actually, taking the time the actually savor the words and allow the scenes to unfold in front of me) and that I can’t really multi-task while reading, save for shoveling food into my mouth as I flip the pages *chuckes*, I tend not to indulge in that activity much.

Mhmm… if you gonna contest that I can’t really do anything else while tanking a dungeon in FFXIV, well, honestly?  You should see how I tap on my 3DS and the iphone in between mob pulls >_<”  True story, and I’m not bragging.  Just stating a fact.  Besides, I will eventually get a 2nd monitor so I can watch TV series / sports / drama while leveling an alt or farming.

Argh.  How and when did I evolve into such a creature?  LOL ~ gosh, despite being adamant about not having new year resolutions this year, perhaps I should make one after all… to just sit back from time to time and allow myself to get lost in ONE task (that I enjoy) at a time… aside from running, that is.

PS.  Just what am I reading?  Not that anyone cares…



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