Pigging out at Carnivore \(^_^)/

Ahhh… struck off one of the simplest items on my 35 before 35 bucket list, and gosh did I enjoy it.  Yeah it did cost me alot of calories, but whatever ~ Life’s too short to not indulge.

Oh yes, I FINALLY visited and totally pigged out during a lunch buffet at the Brazilian Churrascaria, Carnivore (MBS branch).

As the name suggests, it’s all about meat.

Sure there is the salad bar with stuff like corn with herbs, black bean stew, asparagus salad… etc. which I took a plateful of an assortment of stuff… and oh, the corn soup was pretty good, but the main draw of that place is the MEAT which the servers slice from large skewers directly to your plate.  Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish… I had them all 😀

Carnivore 06 - collage

#nofilter – so yeah, they look that yummy irl!

The beef was my favorite of all ~ red (I requested for the reddest part of the slab – so no worries for those who prefer their beef slightly more well done), juicy and tender.  Plus, it was well marinated.  Actually… so was everything else!  I had double portions of the beef, lamb and fish.  Would have loved to eat heaps more, but there’s just so much that I can consume *grumbles*

I was stuffed.  I definitely overate, but I’m happy ^_^

Lunch set me back $80.40 (for 2 pax – cos it was my turn to pay LOL) but I daresay the experience was totally worth it.  Even now, about 7hrs later, I can still feel all that meat in my tummy.  Yes… I’ll definitely return for the lunch buffet (can’t afford the dinner one).  *burp*

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria
Marina Bay Sands
Buffet Lunch: 11.30am to 3.00pm
$34++ per adult
$15++ per child


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