Thursday Evening Run

It was THE run that I’ve been looking forward to since the start of the week.

I did attempt to run on Monday.  Unfortunately, as I had myself stuffed to the brim with the buffet @ Carnivore, and did nothing else but take a 3hr nap when I got home, it didn’t end well.  Less than 2km into the session, I felt nauseous and a tummy ache creeping up.  Ended up abandoning my planned route, started walking and while I did manage to eventually resume jogging, it wasn’t exactly satisfactory.  Plus Ghost’s GPS fudged up, resulting in RunKeeper recording a 3.72km distance in slightly more than 15min.  The map showed that I’ve somehow ran thru’ a body of water, and my fastest split was 40+km/h!  Gee I ran faster than some people drive!

I deleted that entry though now on hindsight, I should have taken a screenshot just for lols *chuckles*

As I’m gonna be collecting my pre-order of Bravely Default after work later and am highly likely to be finally purchasing Animal Crossing: New Leaf… I was certain am not gonna be indulging in any physical activity over the weekend, save for a casual walk @ Haw Par Villa tomorrow morning (assuming I can wake).  Hence decided to head out for a run yesterday evening instead.

Am glad I did o(^_^)o

7.52km.  My longest distance till date, and my first >7km attempt!  And… I didn’t stop to walk at all!  Plus am pretty pleased with my splits.


If this holds up, and am keeping fingers crossed that it would, think I’ll be good to do that 10km on March 02.  idk about the 14km on March 16, but I sure as heck gonna try my hardest!



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