Crossing Over to a New Leaf

The thought has been lingering on my mind since the day I took Garnet home, and as I didn’t wanna splurge too much at a go, I resisted.  I cleared all my Will saves… till Friday, when I went down to Qisahn to collect Bravely Default.

00. Box Cover

Attended a steamboat dinner @ E’s place after picking up the game & my Terry Fox Run t-shirt, was out for most of Sat till the evening, then got busy on FFXIV: ARR upon reaching home.  As a result, the games were left unwrapped… till this morning.

Am glad to announce that, a approximately 9:23am Sunday 9 February 2014, I’ve crossed over to the *cough* evil world of…


I am one of THEM now.

My induction began with a train ride where I was approached by this weird cat looking creature who asked tons of questions.  Kinda annoying tbh, cos I’d hate to have to engage in small talk with random strangers on the plane/train irl!

IMG_5880PS. *A* quick question was a lie…

I later found out via google that my responses determined my character’s face.  LOL ~ yeah pretty sure that further research will teach me how to manipulate my character’s face to exactly how I want it to look like, but random is good, and hey… I don’t look that ugly, do I?


After being greeted by animal NPCs @ the station of 8 Mile, I was informed that I’m now the MAYOR of the town.  Was guided around a little, kinda forced to obtain my own house (at the cost of being 50k bells in debt – wtf), registered as a resident and then had a silly tree planting ceremony.


Eventually, after a little further guidance from Isabelle the puppy who is also my assistant at the Mayor’s office, I was pretty much left to do anything and nothing.

As usual, am not gonna go into details of the game nor attempt to provide a Walkthrough or anything… there are sufficient sites out there for such information one of which is the IGN Wiki – am gonna refrain from reading too much into it though.  Gonna just take it slow and explore the game @ my own pace instead of going all nuts & micro-managing everything though the temptation is there.

Am done for the night.  Here’s the tent that I’m living in while my house is being constructed.


And here is the interior of it.  One crappy looking lamp.  Well yeah… that was this morning though.  Have since played a little more in the afternoon and about 15min a while earlier and eh, at least I’ve got a bed now.  LOL ~


Pardon the terribad screenshots btw.  They were taken via Ghost’s camera.  I wasn’t aware till this afternoon, by accident, that I can actually take proper screenies by pressing L+R.  Then I gotta figure out how to upload it.

Am done with the game for tonight.  I love how it runs on real time, so I don’t feel as if I’ve gotta rush thru’ stuff, or complete a huge no. of tasks quickly before the day ticks over like in Harvest Moon.  The only drawback is that, right now, at 10:41am all the stores in game are closed – there will be a way to fix that in the future, but I’ll just have to play on to unlock the ordinances.

For now, back to the Kalos Region o(^_^)o


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