Running a Marathon: Ready or Not

Training for a marathon is an ENORMOUS, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC (cos the word “huge” just does suffice) time and energy commitment.  Think 3-4x running sessions per week, with one of them being a long run.  That’s hours and hours of running each week, without counting the cross-training on non-run days.  Heck… I think it could be an even larger time sink than seriously playing an MMORPG!

I told myself, NEVER.  But I suppose… the saying never say never rings true?

A couple of days ago, a FFXIV: ARR linkshell mate (whom I shall just label “my mate” for easy reference) asked outta the blue, when is this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon (“SCM”).  I simply told him early December, since I did not know the exact date and the previous years’ runs were all during then.  He then went on to ask if I’d like to do a full marathon with him as he reckons that it is something he wouldn’t be able to do alone.

:O Uhhhhh…. lolwut?!

My running goal for 2014 is to successfully train for and complete a half marathon, with my ‘deadline’ being the very same event – the SCM.

Being a *REAL* beginner runner, I reckon that that will give me ample time to build up my endurance and with some care, attain my goal injury free.  Note my asterisks?  Googling marathon training plans led me to various websites that define a “beginner” as someone who has been running 3 miles like 3x a week for a year.


noun \bi-ˈgi-nər, bē-\
: a person who is beginning something or doing something for the first time

Source: Merriam-Webster Online

How in the world does 15 miles per week for a year equivalent to being a beginner?  I am starting to think that either runners have some form of brain damage from all that pavement pounding OR they are the real life versions of the elitist jerks of the online gaming world!  i.e. oh… I’m just a casual, I play only about 6hrs each night on weekdays and 18hrs on weekends… SOUNDS FAMILIAR, LONG DISTANCE RUNNERS?!

(PS. Dear runners, you know that I don’t really hate you guys, do you?  Though I honestly don’t agree with your definition of a “beginner”.)

Language differences aside, I gotta reiterate that I’m a beginner runner (a jogger, to be precise).  I started running about mid-2013 and only started getting more ‘serious’ towards the end of the year.  I plod approximately 5k once a week, and take about 35-38min to complete my route.  Only very recently, like last week, did I increase my frequency to 2x/week, and started to push for slightly further distances each session, which I completed with much effort.  Right now, my furthest ever is 7.52km.  Not even close, huh?

I think it will be pretty reckless to be eyeing a full marathon this soon.  I got well acquainted with plantar fasciitis and an inflamed tendon when I hastily adopted a 3 run/week training plan in my bid to push for a sub 30min 5k last year… and I go  Ever since then, I gotta admit that I’m now a tad paranoid.  I’d rather do things slow, than f**k up again and cause perma damage to my body.

Anyway, I wondered why would my mate even has a full marathon on his to-do list, considering he’s much of a couch potato who hasn’t run in years and, no insult intended, isn’t exactly in very good!  He did use to be a guardsman in the army though, and according to him, he could clear 10k in 48min back then.  Yep, there certainly is a strong foundation there but still…?

Upon further questioning, he revealed that his intention to do a full is to prove to himself that he can achieve something – cos according to him, he hasn’t accomplished much in his Life so far.  I totally get how he feels as I pretty much have the same though, though I disagree with his saying (he has a stable job, a fine wife + 2 lovely children… that is much of a triumph in my books!), and I told him so.

He didn’t argue, but was adamant about doing the marathon.

I don’t wanna be a wet blanket by flat out declining (no I do not wish to spend 8hrs walking the entire distance though I think I can), but I’m gonna try my very best, to talk him outta it.

I sure as heck am not ready.


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