Safari Zoo Run 2014

Last Sunday was the Safari Zoo Run 2014 – my second official running event of the year… well, the one I gave up the Terry Fox Run for as I couldn’t resist the cute medal o(^_^)o  Speaking of which, here it is:

Zoo run medal

Yes it’s sideways.  It uploaded that way, despite the original picture being the right side up & no amount of editing will fix it.  As I don’t have an eternity to poke around with the tools, this will have to do ~ LOL 

The running route for the event is unique – you get to actually run thru’ the zoo, passing by various animal enclosures.  The lions, giraffes, zebras, wolves… and even our lovely polar bear Inuka (who was snoozing when I went past).  Most of the way was shaded, so I wasn’t too bothered by the heat even though it was way past 10am when the run got flagged off (I was in the 3rd wave) and being this far away from the city and vehicles, the air quality was better than what I’m used to.

Zoo Run - Inuka snoozing

Yeah I just had to stop to take a picture – had Ghost with me as I was using RunKeeper!

All those great things being said, and despite the medal quality, I don’t think I’ll be attending the Fun Run Category again next year, should I decide on taking part in the Safari Zoo Run again.

One of the reasons being, it’s quite the pain to get there.  The road leading in was jammed due to people (participants, of cos) parking at the side, causing me and a few other runners to alight from the bus a stop early and walk the remainder of the way – we ended up being quicker than the bus (._.)

Oh… and the no. of walkers is ridiculous.  I signed up for a Fun Run.  I wasn’t prepared for it to be a Family Walk, complete with strollers and all!  I know, I know, I should be expecting something like this, but I honestly didn’t think that 95% of the people would be strolling.  ugh fml.  I was dodging people the entire route… way worse than the other runs I’ve taken part in.

*sigh* should have registered for the 6km women’s competitive instead – though the medal for that one is much less cute than this.  Ah well ~ had a pretty decent run and an awesome rest of the day at the zoo after \(^_^)/


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