Bravely Default Demo


Phew ~ took me a really long while (between being addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf & poking around on StreetPass Mii Plaza), but I finally completed the Bravely Default Demo with a playtime of 8:55:03 !!  Heck, it’s nothing impressive but am just glad I finished it!  And all the demo did was make me wanna play the full game even more!!  \(^_^)/

Really.  This is a title that any J-RPG fan would adore.  I mean, it’s by Square Enix, and is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.  Final Fantasy.  Need I say more, seriously?

The job classes introduced in the Demo are way cool.  I liked how everyone can be trained in every job and that leveling a job grants abilities that can be used even when not in that particular job!  Ohh… and the artwork is just gorgeous.  Just the way I like it

IMG_5814The Town of Norende at Night

Thank goodness the Night/Day system doesn’t follow real time like in Animal Crossing.  LOL ~ the shift between the two just takes minutes, which is a good thing considering some quests are only available at night and vice versa.  Imagine being stuck in progression cos u gotta wait for real time to pass.

IMG_5815Random mob battle

Anyway just when I thought it couldn’t impress me more, I inserted the game cartridge and the AR at the start just blew me away… so did the opening cutscenes viewed in 3D.  The 3D capabilities of the 3DS never cease to amaze me.  Just imagine watching FF-esque cutscenes, in 3D.  Yep.

Am so looking forward to playing the rest of the game o(^_^)o




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