Pre-Run Jitters

The 2XU Compression Run is THIS SUNDAY.  I know I have been repeating myself quite a bit, but once again I reiterate… this will be my first 10k Run (and Race).  Till date, my farthest distance ever is 7.52km, during one of my casual evening runs – and I was ‘on form’ that evening.  I have also only recently increased the frequency of my runs to 2 evenings/week, covering approximately 11k (7+4) total.  Prior to that, just last month, I was running only once a week, about 5k each session.

I am kinda apprehensive that I haven’t prepared myself sufficiently.

I know, I know, what’s the worst that can happen?  I’ll end up walking certain portions of the race.  It’s really no big deal, considering some ppl do adopt the run-walk strategy.  /sigh perhaps I am setting unrealistic expectations for myself… but I know I’ll be kinda disappointed should I end up having to walk… say… the remaining 2km to the finish line.  tbh I’m hoping that I wouldn’t require a walk break in between at all!

Yeah it’s quite apparent that it’s too late to be worrying about it now.  I have only 1 run day left (this evening) for the week, prior the Race, and I am planning for it to be just an easy 4k or so.  Tomorrow will be rest, no physical activity at all.  Then I’ll have a kayaking session on Sat morning before I rush around to collect the race packs for the Venus Run & 2XU (zzz… why the heck is collection location switched to Changi City Square @ the last minute WTF).  Whatever hours left on Sat, will be rest.  *cough* well… “rest” generally means video games… lol

Oh yeah, anyway remember when I mentioned that a guildie asked me to join him in running a marathon?  I have since managed to persuade him that it’s too much too soon, and he has instead set his sights on the Army Half Marathon on 31 August 2014.  While I still think that that is being a tad too ambitious and reckon that the Standard Chartered Marathon which is supposedly gonna be on 7 December 2014 would be a more reasonable goal, at least this one isn’t recklessly insane.

I’ve been looking @ Half Marathon training plans, and am currently (slightly) modifying a 12-week one to suit my schedule.  It will likely to begin end May, after I return from my Surabaya, Indonesia vacation.  Will update for accountability when I clean it up a little more!  *chuckles*  Not that I’m one who would actually stick to plans eh?  I wonder how many I’ve embarked on and ended up tossing…

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