2XU Compression Run 2014. Achievement Unlocked: Ran 10km.

I did it.  I finally graduated from running pre-school with the completion of my 1st 10km event on Sunday morning – the 2XU Compression Run 2014


I woke up excited and a little nervous that morning, with 5hrs of sleep the night before, had an easy breakfast of sushi then headed out.  As I was running a tad late (no pun intended), I rushed off to the MRT station and somehow managed to drop the safety pins for my bib on the way.  /facepalm  Doh!  Thankfully my friend, K, who arrived @ the race sit earlier managed to obtain extra pins from the 21km finishers.

Arrived at the race site right before the flag off for the 1st wave of 10km runners @ 7am.  Haha ~ tbh, I didn’t even know there were different waves – I just reckoned that since I wasn’t in contention for placement, I’d just start when I’m ready.  My goal for the day is to FINISH the entire course w/o stopping to walk, and hopefully within 1hr 15min.  I had my phone fully charged, my playlist ready and my RunKeeper ready.

2XU starting

The atmosphere at the Starting Line was great!  I felt confident and I was pretty hyped!  I guess part of that can be attributed to have 2 friends at the start with me.  Really, it was heaps better than waiting for the gun to go off alone!!! 😀

I decided to start off slower than when I do my usual evening runs as I figured that I probably wouldn’t make it if I attempt to hold my usual for the longer distance.  Being slow and steady paid off.  I breezed past the km markers and was still feeling good when I saw the 7km signpost.  Generally during my usual runs, I’ll be huffing and puffing even before 5km – which probably means that I was trying to run too fast, according to various online articles I’ve read (that distance runs should be done at a pace where I can still converse in full sentences).

At the 8km mark, I decided to pick it up.  Figured that since it was only 2km to go, even if I end up puffing, the adrenaline should be sufficient to carry me thru’.  The 9km marker came and off I went, even faster… and I believe I actually did RUN the last 500m or so.  I finished strong (though I was breathless by the time I crossed the line) and I was sooooOOOOoo happy that I did not stop at all the entire way!!!! o(^_^)o

The cold towel given out at the end, after receiving the finisher’s medal, was a godsend!  Kudos to the organizers for that pleasant surprise!  Along with a bottle of Pocari sports drink & a banana, I simply went to find an empty spot on the grass near the event stage and plonked down to wait for my friends who finished soon after.

2XU aftermath

It was an awesome run on a wonderful morning… and it does wonders to my confidence level.  RunKeeper tracking showed 01:05:40 for 9.90km.  Yep, I crushed my target timing (though tbh I gave a huge allowance to avoid disappointment).  Can’t wait for my official chip timing!

2XU RunKeeper

With that, am starting to think that perhaps a Half Marathon isn’t too incredible a target to strive for by end August 2014 (then again, I think it is way too close to my Triathlon in September as am sure the body requires time to recover – will do more research prior to committing).

My next run is this Saturday.  The ladies only X-Bionic Venus Run.  A 5k that is scheduled to flag off in the evening.  Will going for a 5k pb ~ wish me luck!!

=^..^=   =^..^=   =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=

Edited to add that my official nett time is 01:05:13 with a rank of 335/2,999 as of 10.03.2014 (position subject to change as results are being finalised, according to the organizers).  Not too shabby for a first-timer eh?


4 responses to “2XU Compression Run 2014. Achievement Unlocked: Ran 10km.

  1. Congrats on completing it! More to come? 🙂

  2. thanks!! and YES!!! I have a 14k on the 16th… but am not taking that seriously haha. my next 10 is the Run 350 in April ^_^

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