X-Bionic Venus Run 2014

Oh gosh, am glad I survived this.  It might only be a 5k run (RunKeeper measured 4.95k), but it’s a 5k in the Singapore evening heat + humidity, wrapped in the body suffocating hugging Venus Run Effektor Shirt – a top that is supposedly “comfortable and cool”.

Note:  Considering that I was already dripping sweat when struggling to put on the compression socks given out on event day and how I felt snug and warm when first trying on the shirt in an air-con room, I strongly disagree with the ‘cool’ part.  As for comfort, it’s probably subjective.  The material was smooth and gentle on the skin, but for someone who hates clothing being plastered… I didn’t like it.  The running tights?  Ugh.  Not my thing!

IMG_5989Cute little doggie that I chanced upon prior to the start 😀

Furthermore, there was only 1 water point (which is fine for a regular 5k in more comfortable weather conditions but not in this heat), right before the Marina Barrage mini hill, and it was too chaotic to grab anything.  The running route along the perimeter of Gardens by the Bay (where I usually do my evening runs), imo, was way too narrow to accommodate the horde of women.  It felt much like an obstacle course, with dodging and bumping into fellow participants… especially the inconsiderate walkers.  Bleh.

Ok.  Complaints aside, I did have a very enjoyable evening!  Bumped into a few familiar faces post-race and there is just something empowering running alongside fellow female runners, and hey… it is International Women’s Day after all!!  Cheers to all the strong women out there – you all are an awesome inspiration *\(^_^)/*


Am currently waiting for the official results to be announced on the official X-Bionic Venus Run website but according to Run Keeper, I made it in 32:23.  While the app states that it isn’t my fastest run in the 4-6km category, it definitely beat my previous official time of 34:28 clocked during the Shape Run 2013.  I am satisfied, and I will consider it a new official PB!!!  *chuckles*


The splits, not too awesome.  I know I can, and have, done better… but ah well, I did have my limitations in the form of ‘moving obstacles’ – it’s so much easier to run at a better pace during my evening sessions when not being constantly blocked.

My next run, in slightly less than a week, is gonna be one heck of a challenge.  The Passion NE Run.  14km.  Mhmm… am not as nervous as I was for last week’s 2XU Compression Run though.  Probably cos I never had the intention to NOT walk this time.  Finishing injury-free is good enough for me (>_<)”

=^..^=   =^..^=   =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=    =^..^=

Edited to add that my official nett time is 00:31:44.43 and yep, it is a PB alright!  Getting a little closer to my sub-30min 5k goal !!  LOL yes, I’m still obsessed with that magic number, and I can’t explain why 😀


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