PAssion – North East Run 2014

No, this ain’t some daft couples run (well… o-k-a-y I guess those can be pretty sweet for some… *shudders*) held a month after Valentine’s Day.  PA = People’s Association.  The PAssion NE Run is pretty much a community run, not one of those highly advertised running events, held in @ the Pasir Ris Park on Sunday morning.  The 2 elements that drew me to register were the low price ($22 for the 14km category) and it was in a location that I wouldn’t have gone for a run in, in a regular situation.

March is indeed the personal record breaking month for me.

The 2XU Compression Run a fortnight ago was my 1st 10km race; attained a PB for the 5km distance in the Venus Run last week… and yesterday I successfully completed 14km.  Without stopping to walk!  \(^_^)/


My splits were decent.  I am pleased.  The additional distance & min. split picked up by RunKeeper is probably a little off as I took awhile to turn off the app after crossing the finish – was distracted as a saw a friend and went over to chat instead LOL

PA NE RunPhotograph courtesy of Running Shots 

I honestly didn’t think I could finish the entire route w/o walking.  I think a lot of the motivation came from my 2 friends who entered the run with me, and stuck with me the entire way.  They could have easily gone on ahead (they are clearly fitter) and merely waited for me at the finish line but they didn’t.  Instead they slowed down to my pace and even stopped at some points to wait for me to keep up.  On my part, I just plodded on… and on…

IMG_6030My awesome race escorts 😛

Gotta admit though, that the accomplishment did come with a price.  I felt the area at the back of my left knee tighten and start to hurt around the 10km mark, but I ignored the pain and continued.  Upon finishing, I stretched my hamstring and calf desperately but the “damage” was done.

Coupled with that, my right thigh area (near the joint) hurts like heck – I have no idea how that came about… I never felt it during the run, or even right after the run… jeez I didn’t even feel it when I went for an archery session in the afternoon.  It was only after archery, that I went home for a short ‘rest’ (which means spending time on the com) prior to meeting a friend for dinner… and after I stood up from that rest, that I felt the pain.  I couldn’t even walk proper after that – limping around for the rest of the day.  I am even limping now fml.

I have stuck a medicated plaster on my thigh and am intending to take it easy today – no physical activity aside from whatever is necessary (i.e. walking from my desk to the washroom/printer… etc.) and maybe a stroll home (cos putting up with the clusterf**k in the MRT is just argh).  Will see how I feel tomorrow morning, and if the pain worsens or doesn’t let up, I might head to see a TCM doctor.

All that pain for… THIS.


Annnnndddd… the organizers gave the exact same medal out to the 4km Fun Run finishers too.  /rage  At least differentiate the medals FFS!!  Could have just done the 4k instead with much less effort *mumbles*

PPS.  Oh… and what’s with the limited smaller sizing for the event t-shirt?  I registered early enough to get the early bird promo but by then all that were left were sizes L and above.  I took an L, and obviously it doesn’t fit me.  I wore last year’s Shape Run running tank instead.  Zzz should race tees be made to order?  /sigh you really get what you pay for in this country.



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