The SURFSET Workout (Surfboard Fitness)

Last last Sunday (yeah I’ve been too busy to be posting much), I had the opportunity to attend a Surfset workout class as part of a event.

What in the world is that?  Uhmm if the name isn’t obvious enough…

The SURFSET workout method is a fitness program inspired by the sport of Surfing. SURFSET is the world’s most unique workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle build, and balance & core training in one 45-minute routine, performed on top of a custom made unstable surfboard.

^ as according to the official website of Surfset Singapore.

At the studio, 3 different types of programs are offered: Balance, Core and Sweat.  As everyone who attended the session that day are n00bs, we led thru’ a Balance class (supposedly the most beginner friendly) by our lovely instructor… uhmm whose name I’ve forgotten cos I’m just lousy with names x_O

To sum it up, we had to do various exercises and hold certain poses while balancing on a surfboard simulator.  Think yoga or pilates on an unstable surface.

GG.  With my crap sense of balance, it was hard.  The “worst” of all was having to hold the tree pose [what?] on the surfboard.  Urgh.  I can’t stay in that pose properly when on flat ground.  Needless to say, I didn’t manage it – though everyone else in the class did eventually.  Pffftttt… I couldn’t even manage to stand on 1 leg on that surfboard thingy ok?  LOL

Honestly though, I’d think that most people with an average sense of balance (mine is below average… just abysmal – I even struggle during Stretch Fit classes in the gym) should be able to manage it, though those w/o prior yoga or pilates experience might find it even more challenging than those who do.  It is a great workout too.  I felt my thighs and core burn during the experience and as expected, there were the lovely aches around my core the next morning.

At $35 a pop though, it might be a little costly (then again based on the ‘research’ I’ve been doing lately as my gym membership expires year end, all types of fitness classes are expensive).  However, there is this Bootcamp package (which is on my consideration list) that offers 8 sessions for $199.  The only caveat is that you’ll have to complete the session within 30 days from the 1st class and there is no extension allowed.  Classes are pretty much held on weekdays mornings & evenings + weekend mornings.

surfboard fitness

Location: 454B Joo Chiat Road, 3rd Storey
(near 112 Katong… and the famous Katong laksa!)


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