I Think I’m Ready

Slightly more than a month ago, I was lamenting about a guild mate trying to prod me into doing my 1st marathon in December – namely the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (“SCMS”), and how I didn’t think I was ready for it. Well. I managed to persuade him that a half-marathon by year end is a more realistic goal… even for someone (him, not me) who managed a 10k in slightly less than 60min years ago.

March has been an awesome running month for me. I participated in an event per week (2XU Compression Run | X-Bionic Venus Run | PAssion NE Run | Nathan Singapore City Race), and attained a personal best each time… either going faster or further than I have ever been. It would have been so easy to ride on the wave of achievements and bit off more than I could chew…

However, before that could happen, I was brought back down to earth by an injury, picked up during/after the PAssion NE Run, that was diagnosed by the doctor as a muscle pull (my right glute to be exact).  I was prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants, but was hesitantly given the go ahead to take part in the Nathan Singapore City Race after I told the doc it was a team event, and that it would be a letdown to my team mates should I not show. *chuckles* I guess he knew that I would have recklessly gone ahead anyway, even if he had said no (>_<)

Mhmmm… guess it was a good thing that I DID go for the event, as though it was hurting at the start, the jogging and walking done that day somehow “fixed” my problem. My right leg no longer hurt while walking post-race, and while it still feels kinda weird and slightly weak right now, there is no pain. I’ll be going for an easy run after work so… *keeps fingers crossed*

Completing the race also gave my confidence a huge boost. 20.3km is just slightly short of a Half Marathon. While granted that I had my team mates along for the ride, and that we walked most of the distance, 21.1km now no longer seems as impossible as it once had.

According to Runner’s World Race Times Predictor, based on my 5K PB of 31:44, my projected finish times for the longer distances are: 10K         1:06:10 | Half Marathon 2:25:59 | Marathon 5:04:21. Am unsure how that calculator works, but I daresay that it is based on the assumption that I do not stop to walk at any point of the race. Is that possible? idk. It largely depends on the route and how awesome I feel that day I suppose *grins*

A 2hr 30min finish for a Half seems a tad daunting for a first attempt, but that is what I will be gunning for in the SCSM come December 2014. I am just not that kinda person who sets goals that are too ‘simple’… goals that I know for sure I can accomplish. I much prefer to set goals that have a chance of failure, to motivate myself to work even harder.

I think I am ready for the challenge of a half. F**k that. I know I am.


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