Reconnecting with an old friend via Running

Time flies. The minutes and seconds in the office can go by painfully slow, but on the overall, the years and months just flash by. I still feel as if I’m in my mid-20s though I’m achingly aware that I’m closer to mid-30s. My mid-late 20s, which were supposed to be the prime of my Life, are what I refer to as my “squandered years” – well, I shall not dwell upon them (too much) right now.

As I never felt as if I fit in during my school days, I pretty much ceased contact with everyone I knew then. It wasn’t an intentional decision. It just… felt much like a chore to constantly check-in with my ex-classmates, especially when after about a year, everyone seems to have moved on and drifted away (from me, that is, as I know for a fact that many of them still contact each other). It didn’t help that whatever friendships I had in school, were based more on convenience (i.e. cos she sat beside me in class or during recess) than actual common interests.

I did re-establish contact with E eventually, when coincidentally she was dating a guy who is friends with people in my then social circle; and when the Facebook explosion began, I added a few ex-classmates as “Friends” via the suggested friends option. Hence, a handful of those girls (women now) from back then, became my facebook friends. By that I mean, we are friends on fb, we occasionally ‘Like’ each other’s status and/or post a comment or 2, but that’s as far as it goes.

Then I took part in weekly consecutive running events in March. In some of them, I was lucky enough to be captured on camera by groups such as RunningShots and RunningKaki. Being the braggart (like everyone else on social media), I tagged myself in and added them to my Timeline for all to see. I mean… in this day & age, you didn’t DO something unless you have a photo of yourself doing it uploaded to fb or instagram (the irl version of: screenshot or it didn’t happen). As a result, there are pix of me running being appearing on the new feed of friends every week; and naturally people noticed.

Mel was one of those who did. She sent me a pm and suggested that we should jog together sometime. I agreed instantly – having a running buddy would be the difference between staying home and snacking on junk food while watching crime drama/documentary on the PC and hefting my butt outta the door. We fixed a date and time, and stuck to it.

The jog took place last night, along my usual route @ Gardens by the Bay.

I haven’t seen Mel since we graduated from Secondary School. That was in 1997. We weren’t even like super close friends then, but upon meeting her last night, it felt as if those 17 years in between never took place! Duh… of cos we have aged, and we have had our own separate lives but the conversation flowed and not once did it feel awkward on my part (I hope she felt the same!). Despite walking most of the 8.11km we covered (something that I’d berate myself for, should I be on a solo training session), I had a really great time!

Keeping fingers crossed that our schedules (she is working full-time, studying part-time, with a husband & daughter) will allow us to do it again!! o(^_^)o

flowering treeIt’s “Sakura season” now in Singapore!!

PS.  That obviously isn’t a real Sakura tree.  What breed is it exactly, I have no idea (and am too lazy to find out), but the recent month plus long dry spell coupled with heavy rain that marked the end of it caused many trees in the country to go into full bloom together – and that is one heck of a spectacle, judging from photographs I’ve seen on Facebook.  Keeping fingers crossed that I’ll be able to capture the beauty b4 it’s gone ~ there aren’t that many flowering trees around the concrete jungle where I live!


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