Countdown to the Boston Marathon 2014 – 11 Days

It is almost a year since that day. Lives were lost, people injured. I wasn’t a runner then (and neither do I know anyone who took part in the event), so honestly, I was kinda detached when I first read about the bombing in the news. Later on in the year, I started running. With that, I too started reading about running. I read about the after effects of the Boston Marathon bombing, stories of the survivors and well… related stuff. Now, as part of the running community, the almost year old event pricks at me.

I wish I could do something. Mhmm… and looks like I actually can.

In partnership with John Hancock and Manulife Financial, the Boston Athletic Association introduced the Boston Marathon World Run. It is a virtual race, open to anyone anywhere in the world, with no registration charges. All participants gotta do is “simply pledge to run, walk, or wheel any distance, and complete that distance at one time or over several weeks leading up to or on April 21.” Donation towards The One Fund Boston is encouraged, but not mandatory.

I pledged on Sunday for a rounded up full marathon distance, 42.2km, and I’m hoping to somehow manage to log the remaining 34.1km over the next 11 days (I did a jog/walk for 8.1km on Monday). Considering that I generally run only twice a week for like 5-7km each time, it will be unattainable should I only log my run km. Thus, I have decided to turn on RunKeeper for the casual walking Meetup events that I’ve rsvp-ed for and take those into account as well.

Oh… finishers are entitled to an electronic participant certificate & digital finisher’s medal… so yeah…

Join Me.



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