Living in a Backpackers Hostel for the 1st Time

@_@ It’s been almost a month since my last entry.   

I’ve been busy.  Work has been extremely cluttered (I generally scribe my posts in the office as a distraction + stress relief), and my evenings & weekends have been pretty occupied ~ running, going to the gym, dinner with friends, movies… etc. stuff like that.  I’d say that my Life outside work is awesome right now!  My job is still not giving me the fulfillment I wish it did, and the environment is still tiresome… I’m merely biding my time to exit, but I won’t say anything more till it actually happens.  Don’t wanna jinx anything LOL

It’s Wednesday now.  7March 2014.  2 days since I returned from a short vacation to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

On Labor Day, along with S and WQ that joined our group via a Meetup event (S posted it on 2 different Meetup groups to see if we can get more peeps along), we departed SG in an afternoon Jetstar flight.  As we bought our flights and checked in individually, we were scattered around the plane.  The almost 2hr flight was uneventful for me – slept most of the way.  It was more ‘fruitful’ for WQ though, who made the acquaintance of a young good-looking French boy, Seb.  S & I were introduced to him as we disembarked and the 4 of us ended up sharing a tuk-tuk to town.

Grandpa E (I’ll just refer to him as “grandpa”), who left a day earlier, met up with us @ our accommodation, Camory Backpackers Hostel, upon arrival… and we all checked into a 12-bed dorm.

Gotta admit that I was a little nervous, and excited, about that – while I have lived in backpackers hostels during prior travels, I’ve always gotten a private room with friends.  This would be the first time I’ll be bunking in with strangers.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Will it be really rowdy?  Will the shared shower & toilet be dirty all the time?  Will there be a symphony of snores keeping me up awake at night?  Will it be inconvenient to walk around half-dressed (i.e. sports bra + Bermudas) in the room?

Hence I kept my fingers crossed and… damn!  I SHOULD have done this sooner!  Gosh… all those times I stayed in a private room at a dorm?  Bah!!  For sure I’m gonna be doing it again until of cos, I get “too old to fit in”.  Now I’m starting to think that it’s quite the shame that I’ve pretty much booked my accommodation for Tokyo already.

It was an amazing experience, due to the people I met and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to get to know everyone!  Ok ~ not everyone, considering some pretty much kept to themselves… but by the 3rd evening, 7 out of 12 of us (Seb shifted over on the last night) were hanging out together – we went for dinner, drinks and then a massage.  Haha guess tattoos can be a great conversation starter!  XD

Was the shared washroom facilities dirty?  Well… it kinda “flooded” on the first night, but nothing too bad.  Was there a lot of snoring?  Got lucky on this one ~ nope!  A ‘new’ Chinese dude snored pretty loud on our last night, causing a few of us to burst out laughing… the noise probably woke him up and he kinda stopped after.  LOL Was it inconvenient to walk around half-dressed?  Considering that most people are doing the same, nobody cares!  Was it rowdy though?  Uhmm… gotta admit it sure got a little noisy at times cos everyone was laughing and talking across the bunks… and that was the best part!

As a result, I totally enjoyed my vacation… definitely one of the best I’d ever had.  So yes, once again I’d say that it’s not the destination, but the people who make or break a trip.  Here’s to more great times ahead! O(^_^)b

phnom penh

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