Fresh ink for a fresh start


Fresh ink for a fresh start

I like that thought, and I’d like to think that I am doing exactly that… though is there such a thing as “fresh starts” to begin with?  /shrug.  Am in the midst of getting my 5th tattoo.  A dragon.  At the left side/back of my body. She (I’ll give her a name eventually) is the largest I’ve ever done till date, and will be a fully shaded piece of art.  Keeping fingers crossed that this lady will be as majestic as I’ve imagined.

IMG_6594The pencil sketch done by Andy, the tattoo artist

A little history… 

I contemplated for years (have wanted one since I was like 12) before I finally did my 1st tattoo as I wanted to be certain.  Well okay, part of me was a little apprehensive about the pain… you know, from watching TV/movies – those “tough guys” with obvious pain on their faces while getting inked on.  It’s ridiculous, really, how much it must have been exaggerated.  I’ve fallen asleep midway during all the process multiple times, and trust me, it is A LOT less painful than period cramps or gastric pains LOL

I never turned back since then, and I certainly am far from done o(^_^)o

Every tattoo I have serves as a reminder of a relationship that had significant impact in my Life though I might not have gotten them right after the relationship ended (some much later actually).  The art aren’t symbolic though.  I simply like the designs.

My 1st was a tribal dragon on my right shoulder blade.  Got it at a random tattoo parlor at Far East Plaza.  Naturally, it commemorates the 1st relationship I ever had, back when I was 15.  Jeremy.  We ‘met’ over Alamak Chat.  Ahhh… the “puppy love” back then.  Everything was just rainbows and unicorns until it wasn’t.  2 years it lasted.  Heard of the saying that you’ll never forget your first?  Yeah.  At times he still crosses my mind, and I wonder how he is now and how Life has been for him since then.  I did chance upon him like twice… years ago… but I never re-established contact.  Should our paths cross again, well, I’d at least send a FB friend request.

The 2nd is the tramp stamp on my lower back.  A tribal pattern with a butterfly in the middle.  Inked at the Heren.  Though it was much later that I found out that a tattoo on that part of the body is referred to as a “tramp stamp”, the name is pretty apt.  It was not one of the best times of my Life.  I struggled with low self-esteem, self-identity and I was trying to just… fit in.  I was 19.  Storm, Jacky and… the guy whose name I could not remember.  I never really dated any of them tbh, I just slept with them (not at the same time of cos) a couple of times and allowed them to use me.  I ‘grew up’ quite a bit though, and saw the world for what it was.

No. 3 is a scorpion on my left foot, obtained at Penisula Plaza.  This is the only one that I’m quite dissatisfied with – I’ll probably do a cover of it sometime in the future.  Maurice.  My first ‘serious’ relationship.  When I mean serious, I mean we actually did talk about getting married someday.  I was 21.  We met at a part-time job, and were together for slightly more than 2yrs.  Looking back, I was quite the horrible gf.  Possessive, insecure and unreasonable.  Well… not that he was a prize LOL ~ he eventually left me for someone else, while he was serving National Service.  This one, I mourned for a long time.

4 is another tribal dragon on my right shoulder blade.  It was designed to be a ‘twin’ of the first, as I felt that it looked pretty weird with just one small dragon on it.  Done at yet another random tatt parlor in Far East Plaza.  This is the one that I fked up real bad… it was a decision I wish I never made, due to the repercussions that I’m still affected by.  Ben.  My ex-husband.  Married at 24, divorced at 28.  I shall discuss this no further as I still hold a lot of resentment here.

The one I’m in the midst of is done at a home studio.  It signifies my current relationship.  I am still unsure as to how this will end.  Part of me wishes that it never will.  Am just taking it a day at a time… trying to appreciate the present without letting the past ruin anything, or the future to complicate matters.  While I’d say that the size of the prior tattoos do not mean much, in this circumstance, it does.  A large(r) tattoo for a large(r) impact in my Life.  Whatever the impact might be, I know that when it comes, I won’t be walking away unscathed.

IMG_6611After the 1st session – only the outline done

Pardon the partial nudity btw.  Due to the tattoo’s positioning, there is no way I can get a decent shot of it without… exposing myself.

Gonna be returning tonight to do some shading.  If all goes well, it should be completed by the third session on Thursday, giving me the weekend to mend up.  I promise you, the pain comes not when the inking is being done.  It hurts when you wear clothes over the “wound” and when you move around.  LOL

Aiks… this gonna be… interesting >_<“


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