Coming Soon: The Sims 4

I am avid Sims player.  Since 2000, when I picked up my 1st copy of The Sims, I was hooked.  No, I don’t play it 24/7, 7 days a week.  In fact, I play the game in “phases” – I’d play obsessively for weeks, perhaps a couple of months then drop it, only to pick it up again.  It is the only game till date that I’ve been playing for more than a decade.  Of cos, when I say that I mean I’ve moved from the Sims, to The Sims 2, then The Sims 3 and soon… the Sims 4.  While I’ve opted to skip the item packs, I’ve never missed a single expansion.  And I don’t intend to stop.

The_Sims_4_Box_Art2 September 2014

Non-Simmers will probably find it hard to understand the draw of the game, and elitists might even argue that The Sims isn’t a “real game” (let’s debate about this another time) cos it has no ‘end’ and no real objective to playing.  You just take control of a bunch of pixels, and dictate their lives.  There is really no way to ‘lose’ the game, and no way to ‘win’ it either.  Fair enough.

tbh, I barely understand my compulsion to play it though I’d point @ the storytelling potential.

Not to mention, fellow players have come out with various Challenges to make the gameplay more… well… challenging, and to provide some ‘goals’ to work towards.  One of the most popular till date is the Legacy Challenge – any Simmer worth his/her salt would have heard of this.  Heck, there is even a tournament going on at Carl & Pam’s Sims 3 & Sims 4 Forum.  I’d love to take part in those, but who am I kidding… I’ll never have the time or determination to do so, with so many other distractions in my Life.

My 2 former projects were The Trivium Legacy, and The Cherubian WYDC Challenge.

Neither was completed, and neither will be.  I was playing both with only the World Adventures (WA) expansion and despite purchasing the rest of the expansions over a Steam Black Friday sale last year, I held off installing the expacs for fear of corrupting my game.  However, Time isn’t exactly on my side, and over the weekend, I finally caved.  I uninstalled the base game & WA, and reinstalled them along with everything else.  Yep, I bid my saved games goodbye too as I had no intention to re-obtain the third party custom user created content (mostly hairstyles cos the EA default ones were kinda meh) I was using.

I have slightly less than a month to go, and I’ll be away to explore Mt Rinjani for 6 days, starting next Thursday.

I have started a new Legacy on my partner’s laptop and am planning to work on a smaller separate challenge (yet to decide) on my own, for the times when I’m home.  The odds of me completing those prior to the launch of The Sims 4, are close to zlich, but I sure as heck gonna attempt them anyway.

Have pre-ordered the CE via Gamescore, and am keeping fingers crossed that it won’t take too long to procure.

Now I can’t wait for the work day to end so that I can play 😀


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