Silent Hills

By now, every Silent Hill fan would have at least watched a video of the P.T. demo and/or the trailer for Silent Hills that is revealed upon completion of it, via YouTube.


With help from my partner, Sable was set up on Friday night, and pretty much the 1st thing I did after subscribing to PlayStation Plus (clouds saves ftw!) was to download the P.T. for a play thru’.  Yes, that is despite that I’ve watched a gameplay vid previously.  Let me assure you that, watching a vid did not ruin my experience at all – sure, I kinda knew what I was gonna see but the very setting of the demo, sent waves of foreboding coursing thru’ my veins (okok, am being a drama mama here – but fk, I was scared ok!).

The controls didn’t help either.

Bear in mind that I pretty much skipped an entire generation of the PlayStation, and am outta touch with console play for a really looooOOOong time (I started WoW during TBC, so go figure)… so while the controller felt familiar in my hand, the controlling movement & camera using both analog sticks got me all fiddly.  Many times I ended up walking, then starring at the floor/ceiling/wall… etc. and that added a sense of helplessness when I was playing.  So much so that it eventually got the better of me and I ended up handing the controller over to my partner… To think that I handled the Haunted Hospital at Fuji-Q Highland irl rather well *shakes head*

Ain’t gonna discuss abt the demo’s content btw, for by now, it’s pretty much all over the Internet.  All I gotta say is that, being freaky as heck aside, it was totally frustrating.  We resorted to using a walkthrough to complete the final loop – how in the world were we supposed to figure that sh*t out by ourselves?! Anyway I’m stoked. I can’t wait for Silent Hills to be released.  I will get used to the controls if need be!  Once again I will prowl the misty streets and hack up monsters with my machete (or bludgeon them with a pipe lol). Oh… btw… I earned my 1st PSN Trophy with Rocksmith 2014 (on the PS3, that is)!!

While I have no intention to Platinum Rocksmith (too difficult lar ~ and the game + guitar ain’t mine), I sense the beginning of yet another obsession…


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